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Thread: Is it time to go fury?

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    Is it time to go fury?

    Basically im geared full 397 with 403 Gurthalak as my main hand
    I know that it use to be as you got to the higher end of gear levels Fury pulled ahead slightly on DPS
    i have a 2nd Gurthalak 403 that dropped from DW last night

    Im 2nd to a fire mage on DPS in our 10man raid team at the moment as arms and it would be nice to pull ahead of him
    Also Duel weilding to of these bad boys looks rather cool
    opinions please

    also feel free to comment on any gearing enchanting if you spot any upgrades ive missed
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    thanks for reading

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    as it stands, on paper arms is always going to beat fury over medium-long duration fights. if you aren't mastery boosting a death wish pre pull, then you are making fury fall even further behind. that said, fury is still viable on pretty much every fight for progression (except H-yorsahj).

    also, using two like ilevel gurths is a bad idea. I talked about this in a different thread but I'll summarize it in a single post:

    -Certain attacks can proc gurth regardless of what hand it's in (the most notable being BT).
    -if you use two of the same ilevel gurths, the spell id's of the proc is obviously the same for both weapons.
    -When you use an attack that can proc off a gurth in either hand, it will not proc the same spell id twice
    -different ilevel gurths proc different tentacles (read: different spell id's).
    -using 2 gurths of different ilevel allows the attacks that can proc from a gurth in either hand, to be capable of procing both at the same time (this has been confirmed).

    TL;DR: if you're going to use two gurthilaks, make sure they are different ilevels, otherwise you are losing a lot of stats for a minuscule increase in tentacle procs.

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    whoa, TGM still exists. interesting read about the ilvl gurthalak's though.

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    thanks for the info TGM had a read up bout the Gurth procs, interesting stuff.
    i feel bad about not giving it too our tank for off spec now lol.

    im fairly happy to stay arms anyway so looks like thats what ill be doing.

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    I'm definitely seeing more DPS as arms than with 2 different Gurths. Difference on the dummy (even reforging more hit) was about 5k.
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