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Thread: Need help with fury warrior

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    Need help with fury warrior

    Hey, new player here,
    I got wow 1 month ago and currently playing a Worgen Fury Warrior, I have some questions for you guys,

    First of all, I began pvp 3-4 days ago and I suck at it.
    1) I have a targeting problem, I can't use the mouse fast enough because of my damaged hand so I use tab to target; but when I press a skill(like cleave) my target is already too far for it to work. Since I can't spot which one is my target among all those big horde fellows moving quickly in front of me, I can't see which direction to run fast enough, I rapidly press tab&bloodlust but I am already dead. Any advice will be much appreciated.

    2) I have a problem with my skills too. I can only press 1-2-3-4 fastly, my hands are a little bit damaged as i said so I can't use my skills on 5-6 or 7 fast. I place my favourite skills on 1-2-3-4 but they are not enough for pvp, I use my mouse for other ones though but than I am not very effective that way, yeah I'm quite an amateur. Any advice?

    3) The Horde fellows I play against have GREAT items, we are at the same level and I can't see how this is even possible. I have a full grand marshal plate suit, 2 1.50 fast swords I bought with my honor points and enchanted with fiery weapon, I enchanted my suit with strength, stats and stamina too. I mean I enter the same damn dungeons with these guys, I looked at the honor weapons for my level and they are not that impressive, so how could they get those items? Are they heirlooms from their main chars or something?

    4) As I understand, there are very interesting dungeons in this game, like Illidan, is getting a good guild necessary for those dungeons? I have very lame level 2 one. I play at Mazrigos and from what I understand, this isn't a much popular server.

    5) My friends mentioned that most players use mods, add-ons on their game. I have never used one aside from Leatrix Latency Fix, can you point me at some basic ones for a new and confused player please?

    6) Lastly, and this one is off topic, I'm not a hipster or anything but I see A LOT of Worgens in Stormwind. Kind of got boring and I don't like any other races aside from Worgen in alliance. We also suck in pvp, they have professional healers on their side for example, we are getting raped. So I thought I can try a caster, I'm thinking of buying some heirlooms with my honor points then opening an Orc Warlock, they look fun, what do you think?
    Here is my char;
    Do you suggest a realm for my new char by the way?

    I'm sorry for the long post and thank you =)
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