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Thread: The Weekly Marmot - Glyph Changes in MoP

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    Most classes don't have much in the way of updated glyphs yet
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    I did find a couple relics, like the Blood Tap minor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kagitaar View Post
    Iirc, the Avenging Wrath glyph is 3% every 4s and yeah, I think it'd be slotted by all prot, BUT I also don't think it'll break anything due to the amount healed and the limited chances to use it.
    To be honest it wasn't that the glyph was overpowered, because honestly it isn't. The point I was making is that the glyph system is supposed to be about choice and more about fun improvements etc. Glyphs were supposed to be about situational uses and not something you just slot in and keep there.
    This glyph is something that all Paladin Tanks will end up slotting regardless of the fight, and because of that I believe it goes against what Blizzard are trying to achieve.

    I do think for this reason Blizzard should change it to something either more fun or more situational, instead of something just used and kept there.

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