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Thread: DPSing issues - I dont understand....

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    DPSing issues - I dont understand....

    Ok... so one day I realized I was doing half the dps he other dk in the guild was doing, on the same spec, nearly same gear... The main difference being me having Gurthalak, The Voice of Deeps when he didn't. Overall he was on 400iL, I am 396iL. So I went to talk to him and figure what I was doing wrong on my dps, and jsut adding a few changes in my rotation I managed to go from average 20k dps on to 40k. looking at my logs from Madness, I had peaks of 80k during adds phase and managed to get to top dps in the group in a few burst phases on some fights. I was very happy with my changes and seemed like I was for once doing everything right.

    Then I go and read more about Unholy and found out one should reforge differently for Gurthalak. So I went for str > hit to cap > haste > mastery > crit > exp to 26 and my dps went to shit.

    ever since I changed my reofrge I jsut can't do that dps again. I'm betting the rotation is right since I spent DAYS at the dummy to learn it properly. I have tried to go back to that previous reforge and it seems to go even worst >_<

    I mean WTF man? *crys* I was able to keep above 28k steady for 10 mins straight on the dummy, I'm not making it to 25k everytime now :/

    just so it doesn't entirely fall on vain words, a few of my logs:
    all madness fights, all me.

    before the rotation fix:

    after the fix:
    I did a shitty job doing the add phases so there is no beautifull bursts, but you can see I managed to open at 50k and keep up above 40K during a major part of the encounter.

    and after reforging into gurthalak spec:
    see how im back to barely going above 30k?

    also there seems to be not a single reforge calculator who knows how to take gurthalak in consideration >_<

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    Askmrrobot will take gurthalak into considieration if you manaully add the stat weights (you should arlready be doing this if you use ask mr robot), Ideally you would put yourself into simcraft and determine your personal stat weights as unless you're very lucky you gear will not perfectly reflect the BiS set EJ used to determine the stat weights they espouse.

    Madness is a terrible fight for measuring DPS on. It's got so many target changes and enough periods of not doing anything and times when you should stop DPS so you don't get an impale and a bolt and a heamorage and blisters at the same time (yeah my DPS like to invent new ways to fuck over the raid). It's just not an encounter built for max DPS, it's built for rapid target swaps and Burst.

    Secondly your numbers are wrong, on the first log after the fix your doing 34k effective DPS, afer the reforge you are doing 39k effective DPS. Effective DPS is what matters. Spikes and dips are just statistical variation, deviations form the norm, and the norm is what matters. Would you feel you are more valuable with than an arcane mage whose able to spike at 100000K for 1 second every 100 second and then drops down to 9k for the rest of the fight? I hope not. As long as you're not screwing up the mechanics of the fight, all that matter are the numbers in the DPS(e) column.

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