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Thread: Arms Warrior Guide relevant to 4.3?

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    Arms Warrior Guide relevant to 4.3?

    Hi Guys!

    Well I'm new to Tankspot so hello! I've just came back after quite a while off, so I decided to level up a new warrior and have a go at Arms and also pvp, however I have run into a few hickups. If you guys could point me in the right direction that would be fantastic!

    1. Is there an awesome guide for Arms PVP relevant to 4.3? While in bg's I have been doing some really poor dps, to the extent where I know it's me. With an extended period of holidays coming up I want to max sure I know that I'm using the time wisely in getting the most honour and conquest poits as possible.

    2. Professions, which ones should I be looking for? I dont have a lot of time during the week to be playing, most of my time playing is on weekends. I just need professions that will provide a viable source of income, enough to let me buy the things that come with upgrading new gear. I have the gold to level them up, some say bc/jc while others say ec/jc?

    Help would much be appreciated! ( http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte.../Dxvour/simple ) For anyone interested.

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    as far as a 4.3 pvp guide im not sure but the professions, currently if you are planning on using epic gems, JC provides the weakest stat bonuses out of all the non-gathering professions but if you dont plan on using epic gems other than your chimera's eyes JC is the biggest stat increase out of all of the professions, so it depends on how much money you have to drop. If your going to use epic gems i would suggest using blacksmithing and Engineering, if your not gonna use epic gems (which i would honestly say, this late in the expansion I wouldnt use them) then use blacksmithing and JC.

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    If you're looking for added income, gathering is the way to go. Herb and skinning or mining. Fishing can bring decent profit at max level too.

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    http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...taren/advanced One of my buddy's. while I don't know of any good guides out there for War's atm, this should at least give you a baseline for what to spec/glyph/reforge to and to help give an idea of where some stats should be at (hit/expertise).

    As far as the professions go, I completly agree with captanmurdoc.
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    I don't really know of a guide per-say, but I can give you some quick pointers.

    First, spec:

    You basically have 1 point to either get 1/2 Rude Interruption(2/2 is a waste), 3/3 Incite, 1/2 Blitz, or Sweeping Strikes. My personal preference is Rude Interruption.

    Glyphs as shown in the link above are what I would recommend. The two optional ones are Bladestorm and Colossus Smash. Basically you could go glyph of Slam instead of Bladestorm. You could go glyph of Rapid Charge, Spell Reflection or Shield Wall instead of Colossus Smash. I like glyph of CS as it builds sunders for me if I am sitting on someone for a little bit. Bladestorm is more about the CC break and for that reason I prefer it over glyph of Slam.

    Basically you are going to open with Charge -> Rend -> Hamstring -> Colossus Smash -> Mortal Strike. Always MS on cooldown to keep your Lambs to the Slaughter stacks up.

    Once you get 3 stacks of Lambs to the Slaughter the priority looks like this. Mortal Strike -> Slam -> Overpower. What you are doing here is delaying Overpower to get in a Slam right after Mortal Strike. Because of this timing you will frequently find yourself able to do double Overpowers.

    Because you took incite, it is important to Heroic Strike at or above ~70 rage. If you have more rage than you can spend, use Inner Rage but be careful.

    Do not use Colossus Smash at low rage, and I will frequently not use it on Cloth targets. CS is best used with enough rage to dump 3 globals (MS, Slam, OP or MS OP OP) into your target before it expires, it's a waste otherwise.

    Really the meta game of arms right now is staying on your target and is going to be the bigger chunk of your damage loss. That is harder to explain in a post. Best advice here is to watch some of the many Warrior gladiator streams on Twitch Tv.

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