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Thread: I need advice!

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    I need advice!

    I did the whole Scroll of Resurrection and boosted my lvl 36 Paladin tank to lvl 80. So, I'm a bit lost. I need advice on tanking! Which rotation is the best? Any advice on what to use when. Anything! They say practice makes perfect, but I don't want to tank a dungeon and suck terribly then get a bad rep.


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    make sure you macro /flex into your Hammer of the Righteous. ;D
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    The guide linked to in the second post is excellent - it's hard to add anything. Paladin tanks have a very simple rotation - at its simplest, alternate crusader strikes with filler moves to get three holy power, then hit shield of righteousness (the fillers being judgement and avenger shield, with holy wrath and consecration almost optional). You can make it more complex by considering other uses of holy power - inquisition and word of glory - but those are mainly nuances. More important is the situational use of our many survival cool downs - holy shield, divine protection, Guardian of Ancient Kings, ardent defender, divine shield, perhaps on use trinket etc. I personally find it a fun spec - not enough to think about that it distracts from the raid awareness etc but enough to think about.

    It'll be a bit of challenge coming in to tank at the end of the expansion when almost everyone is more experienced and better geared than you. There's a fair amount of pressure on tanks to perform and to perform well, they need gear and experience. If you are in a supportive guild that raids, it should not be a problem. If not, it will be a struggle. What I would suggest is to try to tank as much as you can to get experience - run normal instances. Then when you hit 85 focus on acquiring gear. The aim should be to get to a sufficiently high ilevel so that you can to run the three HoT five mans and LFR, as only then will you unlock the drops and steady stream of VPs you need to get end game gear. I'd probably suggest running as dps for a bit - at least in LFR - and picking up tank gear that way. It will take the pressure off while you are undergeared and there's not that much actual tank gear that drops that you would lose out on by not having the role bonus for queuing as a tank (the tier pieces you can use for tanking).

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