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Thread: End Game Prot Warrior Stats Priority Question

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    End Game Prot Warrior Stats Priority Question

    So I have been tanking on my warrior alt for our casual raid group. We are currently only 5/8 heroic, but I have come to a question of which the answer to I am uncertain.

    I can be well over the CTC cap of 102.4% if i want to be, but am trying to figure out which is better to stack more of; more mastery for Critical Block Chance, or more stamina? Currently I'm gemming and reforging to get more stam, but just want to make sure I'm making the correct survival choices.

    My armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...3%A3c/advanced

    Aside from the Indomitable Pride (LFR) and Heroic Spidersilk Spindle trinkets there, I also have the Mirror of Broken Images, Fire of the Deep, and Resolve of Undying (LFR) in my bags that I swap out depending on the fight.

    Is Crit Block > More Stamina or is it vice-versa?

    I appreciate any help others can offer
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    Stamina will generally be better. Mastery actually falls somewhere behind avoidance (unless your into some really extreme, gemming avoidance stats everywhere type DRs) in terms of decreasing damage taken once your ctc capped. Stamina has no tangible damage reduction, but it does allow you to survive bigger its and increase your burst times, both of which are great positives, yes its a little bit more mana spongey but what else could you stack at this point? Knapkin math says an extra mastery gem is going to work out to be 0.75% increase in the number of attacks you critically block so about a 0.4% total damage reduction, a dodge gem will give you 0.2% more dodge, a parry gem will give 0.18% more parry. You've really pushed avoidance and block to the point where they can't really give much more withough massive investment in them. An extra stam gem is 1,128.05 HP or ~1880 EHP.
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    Mastery to Block CTC > Stamina > Avoidance > Armor > Mastery past CTC > Hit/Expertise
    It's a simple rule, but it'll be absolutely correct 99.7% of the time.
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