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Thread: Legendary - Full MOP Event Wrap-up

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bloodglas View Post
    No info about the farming thing??
    The extent of the information currently available about farming:
    - You can have a farm
    - You do daily quests with it

    That's it
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    On the issue of MEGA DAMAGE http://www.colbertnation.com/the-col...disintegration << last part of this video is totally relevant (We have to ignore the problem in order to fix the problem).

    By the way I think we know we are all missing someone in this video......

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    Thrall's Son is the new Horde leader! It is so obvious isn't people paying attention?

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    Actually, this program is starting to feel a bit desperate...as in desperately trying to keep people interested in WoW. The game itself has just started feeling cheap, when you pull in the revenue Blizz has, people get offended by cheap pretty quick.

    I'm guessing MoP (still absolutely ridiculous name for the next xpac) will drop, subs will soar, for about 2 months, maybe 3, then it will be same ole, same ole.

    I love Mike B. especially Blizz Blues, but Lore omfg, maybe get your face on some more. He constantly repeats himself as if he just can't let the focus of the conversation go to someone else. Please rotate him out on occasion. If we want to hear Lore's opinion on what's going on with WoW we could watch one of the other two programs.

    Two hour program? Seriously? Ya I'll pass. It seems you guys have forgotten that you're producing a program for an audience, it's the audience part you forgot. In the beginning the program was far more engaging, now it just feels like popularity has gone to your heads and its just enough that people get to watch you have a conversation with each other.

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    With it being said that it doesn't end on pandaria, will it be possible that the horde make a new home and Orgrimar becomes the place where you go and kill Garrosh?
    I would love to see a new home for the horde, Orgrimar is just so... red.

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