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Thread: Mists of Pandaria Press Event Coverage

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    Mists of Pandaria Press Event Coverage

    So, the flood gates have opened and an absolute deluge of MoP information is now available. Not quite sure where to begin? Here's some suggestions:

    First, you should definitely check out our interviews with J. Allen Brack and Greg Street. We pulled some great new information out of them, they're definitely worth a listen (or at least a read)!

    Next up, our friends at Wowhead have put together an amazing compilation of all the various bits of information we learned at the press event. There's just tons of info there, and it's all formatted quite nicely and easy to read, so if you're looking for every scrap of info you can get, that's the place to go.

    Finally, the fine people at Gamebreaker.TV are hard at work doing what they do best -- giving insight and commentary on all the new information as they learn it. You'll definitely want to keep an eye on the World of Warcraft section of the Gamebreaker.TV website over the next few days (and be sure to tune in for a special edition of Legendary tomorrow night at 8pm PST!)

    And don't forget, we've just opened our MoP Discussion forum here on TankSpot! I'll also be putting together a special edition of PST focused solely on the new press event info this week, so be sure to PM me your questions as well!
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    Gotta say that I agree with Lore when he says that the very unlikely chance than no items drop or 25 items drop is fine.

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    yep I also agree with Lore with this.

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