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Thread: Infraction for slipday1: Post Violation

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    Infraction for slipday1: Post Violation

    Post: Funny List of Banned Blizzard Names.
    User: slipday1
    Infraction: Post Violation
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    Administrative Note:
    Second time posting a suspect link.

    Message to User:
    You need to realize that the link you keep posting is suspect and is a shortened website that can be sending users to a website full of either malware or a virus. I don't care if it's on the Blizzard forums; unless it's the full website, stop posting a tiny url link. Second and last warning about this.

    Original Post:
    I found i really funny list of banned names the blizzard has banned in the past and that can not be taken anymore.

    heres the link of anyone that wants to check it out.

    <link removed>
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    im confused as to how you say i cannot post the link because it might be dangerous when its not but then you post the link obviously here therefor making the link even more view-able.

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    simple, if you wanted to link to a legit site, you post the complete link and not a redirect link that CAN be potentially dangerous. If you had no ill intentions then when you REPOSTED your same thread you should've thought about that. Krenian failed to remove the link in this report, but I have, so problem solved. IN the future posting redirect links are a no-no, hell posting links to websites that aren't well known are already probably sketchy. if the list was that funny, couldn't you have credited the website and pasted SOME of the names instead? Oh, probably because posting half of them would probably set off profanity filters here, which should be a clear indication that what you're posting, probably shouldn't be.

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