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Thread: End of Expansion

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    Sep 2011
    Need to get first page(eu lightbringer) on wow proggress with our new(ish) guild. Currently 25th want to finish 20 or below.
    And find a good reliable mage or ele for mop !

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    Apr 2012
    I feel the same as you! I also like the end of xpacs, gives me time for other stuff to do. Right now im leveling a Orc Warlock(currently lvl 71). I have played wow since launch, but never had a horde char at max level. About damn time right?

    Besides that I go for achivments on my main char(Human paladin). Working slowly towards Loremaster. Will also level up some proffesions on several chars and have them ready for MoP

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    Dec 2011
    My bucket list is too large. I just know I'm not going to make it by the end of the xpac, but my top priorities are:

    1. Get Loremaster on my shammy. I only need to do 4 zones in Northrend and most of EK.
    2. Get my lvl 63 lock to 85.
    3. Get Littlest Pet Shop and Mountain o' Mounts achieves for my shammy.

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    I'm absolutely sick of DS at this point. I say bring on MoP now before I am deprived of what little sanity I have left XD
    EDIT: OH! I need to get a bunch of healing plate on my DK for lulz!
    Anyone got a table I can flip?

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