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Thread: Fury Warrior 4.3 trinkets

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    Fury Warrior 4.3 trinkets

    Hey all,
    Last night Bone-Link Fetish dropped in DS for me. As a fury warrior I have been using Creche and the Eye of Unmaking in the past for my 2 trinkets. I will be doing my own in game tests on raid dummies and in raid, but also wanted to know if anyone has any advise on which 2 trinkets I should now use. Here is a link to my armory as well -

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    swap them out on a fight to fight basis, creche + eye on single target bosses and bone-link + eye on fights with aoe. I would use bone-link on yorsahj for the adds from black phase, if your in a 25 man guild use bone-link on hagara for the ice blocks as long as your guild is good about getting the blocks stacked tight together and bone-link on madness for the spellweaving procs.

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