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Thread: Profession Advice please.

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    Profession Advice please.

    I would like to do professions for protection paladin ,first one is Blacksmithing and second I hesitate Enchanting and Alchemy and Inscription?
    Could you tell me pros and cons of Enchanting and Alchemy and Inscription.
    Which one do you prefer?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Alchemy, you could get better flasks and pots, a low ilevel trinket with mastery and stam that also makes useless healing pots less useless.

    Enchanting, ring enchants.

    Inscription, shoulder enchants.

    Personally, I would go Blacksmith/JC or Blacksmith/Leatherworker. Either of those would net the highest possible gain for a tank in the current expansion.
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    Would not go with JC, granted its one of the few professions that can give secondary stat bonuses but decked in full epic gems its not as much of a bonus as the others.

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    I had this debate with my first toon back in wrath so let me ask you 2 questions. 1. Do you have a way of providing mats to your pally such as ore currently and either DE mats or herbs or jewels if you go JC? 2. If you dont do you have an income stream that is conducive to you taking 2 crafting professions? If your answer is no to both then from my personal experience i'd say dont do anything just yet. When I went JC/BS back in wrath to min/max on my pally I had no way to produce ore and no income stream since i hated dailies to cover repairs and gems and ore for prospecting and well everything else I needed in game. But if your dead set on 2 crafting profs then I'd say 1. JC/BS 2. BS/Ench 3. BS/Alch

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    The only problems with enchanting and inscription is that both of the benefits gain you only stamina (for tanking). They do, however, allow you to gain benefits to your offspecs, such as ret or holy, as does alchemy.

    Depending on your gear, that alchemy trinket is a very nice substitute trinket until you can find better. Out of the three you listed, alchemy is the only one that provides a mastery benefit temporarily.

    For use with your blacksmithing, enchanting can disenchant your goods for more enchanting materials. With alchemy, you can transmute your own truegold and other volatiles to use with your blacksmithing. Inscription does not work with blacksmithing at all.
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