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Thread: DPS Per Player for Warlord Zon'ozz 10 Regular

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    DPS Per Player for Warlord Zon'ozz 10 Regular

    Hey guys, I'm setting up a raid team for the guild and I need to know the minimum dps needed per player (sustained) in order to be able to down him a good 30 seconds before berzerk. Can someone figure this out and post it up here. Thanks.

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    In 10 man normal Zon'ozz has 61.2million health and a 6 minute enrage timer, So would require 185.5k raid dps to kill him before the soft enrage. Zon'ozz is not a good fight for sorting out DPS Benchmarks as DPS will be massively inflated due to the void diffusion mechanic, a decent tank healing team could go to 10 stacks each ping pong phase and drastically cut the DPS minimum whilst poor healer/tank teams may struggle to heal through 5 stacks and thus require DPS to be higher.

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    ok, i'm probably gonna be wrong here and someone can probably correct whatever mistakes i made

    Zon has 61.2 million health
    You want to down him within 330 secs (30 secs before enrage)

    My assumptions :
    1) Tank does average of 12k dps
    2) Fight is a one tank fight, so you have 6 dps if you 3 heal it

    Fight mechanics (This is probably where I will go wrong) :
    1) Zon summons first orb after 45 secs
    2) Every subsequent orb occurs within 90 secs of the first orb
    3) You are bouncing the ball for 5 stacks which leads to a 25% dmg increase each orb
    4) Using (3) you should get 4 orbs

    Calculations :

    1) Initial DPS - actual group DPS (X) for 45 secs [0 - 45]
    2) First orb - 1.25 (X) for 90 secs [135]
    3) Second orb - 1.5(X) for 90 secs [225]
    4) Third orb - 1.75 (X) for 90 secs [315]
    5) Fourth orb - 2.0 (X) for 15 secs [330 or 5.5 mins]

    I did the calculations in Excel based on the assumptions above and value X should be 128000

    Taking out tank dps of 12k, leaves 116k dps to be done
    This means each dps should be doing an average of 19.4k

    You might also want to factor in hero which I havent included.

    Feel free to correct me coz i have a feeling i made mistakes
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    In general, you simply need to find out the boss' health, and his berserk timer in seconds.

    you then do this to these numbers:

    Boss_Health / Berserk_Timer = Required raid dps. be generous and take off 15k per tank, leaves you with the dps that your non-tank players need to do to kill him.

    In this case, you take his health (61 200 000) and divide it by the time in which you want to kill the boss (330 seconds).

    61200000/330 = 185454 rDPS

    This means the entire raid needs to do 186k DPS to beat the boss. You can apply this to any boss.

    What makes Zon'ozz (and some other bosses) complicated, is that your dps will ramp up towards the end.zon_rdps.JPG

    Here you can see how the raid dps doubles when you are at the end of the fight and using bloodlust (the blue highlighted area).


    Here I have added the approximate times of the orb hitting the boss (red lines), the dip when the melee drop away from the boss to make sure the orb hits the boss and not them (blue circle) and the approximate raid dps for each "phase" (the pink lines). See how much higher the pink/purple line is at the end than at the beginning of the fight?

    In general though, as long as the DPS are geared appropriately and are not asleep, the Berserk timers should really not be the thing that wipes you. You are much more likely to die to people not doing what they should.
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