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Thread: Gear Check

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    Gear Check

    I am wondering if anyone can point out any advice on my DK tank Controle on burning blade horde and what they would improve?

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    You look fine, I would just have some minor tweaks that are more personal preferences than anything; pick up the VP cloak; I think the VP belt with the mastery on it is is better than the drop belt that you have on; Lava Walker over pure mastery on the boots (I know it's expensive - I use Earthen Vitality since I had some left over from leveling my second enchanter); I prefer Stoneskin Gargoyle over Sword Shattering - yeah, I know, avoidance is all the rage, but I like the extra stam and my mastery gives me a 180% bubble anyway); also I'd pick up the VP ring at some point too, unless the RNG gods love you and give you the 397 version of your Ultra ring.

    Good luck and have fun.

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