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Thread: Prot Pally Y U HAV NO HEALTH POOL

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    can't figure out why the more I got gear, the more my health pool started to completely suck. Aside from losing my stam trinkets, where did I go wrong there? And you may be wondering why I reforged a few things to hit and I assure you it's purely a threat issue. The more I got geared, the more I missed, got parried, and got dodged. I couldn't even hold aggro on BH20. It was getting to be ridiculous.

    Someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong? ( dps helm and agi trinket aside)

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    If you can't hold aggro its an ability usage issue most likely you should not need threat states, spec and glyphs seems fine. Since you've logged out in your PVP healing gear can't really comment on gear past recommending a thorough reading of http://www.tankspot.com/showthread.p...ection-Paladin

    Edit: gear looks alright, you are just shy of CTC due to the rounding on the acharcter pane. which will be resolved should you get a head enchant(do this now). Your healthpool is perfectly fine for DS10 Normal and whicll increase again as you get more gear from DS10 and DS10HC. Stam is pretty much just epeening at this point, it does provide the greatest burst times. for what it's wroth Expertise is worth alot more point for point than hit is when it comes to threat, however, you should not need either if you're doing the CSxCSxCSDump right.

    TL,DR: stop caring about stamina. stop caring about hit. get a head enchant. get windwalk. CSxCSxCSDump.
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