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Thread: HELP!!! 85 Arms Warrior DPS is too low!

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    HELP!!! 85 Arms Warrior DPS is too low!

    Can somebody help me with my Arms Warrior DPS Im hitting from 5k-8k and I just cant improve it! My friends are hitting alot higher then me. I use a rotation: Rend,Colossus Smash, Mortal Strike, Overpower, and then Heroic strike when over 60 rage.but It doesnt improve!
    Heres a link to my Warriors Armory Page: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...l%C3%B3/simple Someone must know how to help with this, Im constently being booted from dungeons

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    Have you searched for a class guide?

    I don't play a warrior myself but here are some suggestions: (also this is why some people thought you were trolling)
    You have no gems.
    You have no enchants, then only enchant you have is wrong.
    You are under expertise cap.
    You are over hit cap.
    Your secondary trinket is a tank trinket, not a dps trinket.
    You are not reforging away useless stats, if anything your reforging to them.

    I suggest you give this a read Arms Warrior Guide
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    Thanks, Really helped! I just realised how big of a noob I was :L So Thanks!

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    In the future, if you are not going to post something helpful, please just refrain from posting, this is the HALP forum, and people from all over the spectrum from experienced player trying to find an anomaly in his dps, to beginners who know very little of the game can come and ask questions and seek advice. Posting 1 liners and being condescending is neither helpful nor appreciated. Hope that guide helped you out birdi, there's also an Arms guide here in the dps forums of tankspot located near the top (stickied). It's not quite as extensive as the one that leethaxor linked you but it should be sufficient, and if you have further questions regarding the rotation, and have questions why we suggest doing what we do as arms dps, you can ask there.


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    My Experience with PVE build Arms warrior

    Greetings, I'm Sajukar from Cenarius and I happen to be an Arms warrior. I've noticed your weaing mostly pvp gear which unfortunately doesn't help with anything in terms of PVE, so dps will drop because Resiliance is replacing what could be another valuable stat such as Mastery (Mastery allows x% chance to gain a second attack at 100% weapon damage) Hit capping to 8%, Expertise to anti-dodge cap at minimum (Parry don't worry about because 95% of the time you should be behind your target so it can't parry you anyhow.)

    In terms of Talents, you can replace Second wind and imp hamstring with Battle Trance and Sweeping strikes.

    As for rotation, as an earlier Arms warrior class guide said, theres no real rotation its more of a Hierarchy of things that need to be applied, which is Rend and Mortal Strike, Rend procs overpower, MS refreshes it, and Crits (Mainly overpower) will proc sudden death which results in Colossus smash being proc'd for more dmg,. Personally I reccommend looking for a class guide but I think the Arms warrior class guide is out of date or i havent found the updated one.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnt1wS2ShR8 is a third party class guide that may help.

    Summerizing, Replace resiliance with pve gear that has Mastery, Crit, (And enough Expertise and Hit to cap you at 8% Haste doesn't terribly affect Arms as much as fury.) My Talent Tree is 31/8/2 (No Tact Mastery, Second Wind, Drums of war, Hamstring in arms) In fury i went with 3/3 Blood Frenzy, 3/3 battle trance, 2/2 Cruelty. And in protection i went with 2/2 Blood and thunder.

    I wish the armoury was working to make certain things easier. Hopefully i made enough sense to be of assistance
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    @ Birdi, one thing you should do besides getting out of pvp gear and adjusting your spec is grind rep for wildhammer and thera to get the head and shoulder chants. Another is to get glyphs.

    @ Sajuk, taking points out of Blood Craze and putting them into Executioner and Incite would probably be more beneficial for pve.
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