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Thread: Solo Tanking Madness

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    Solo Tanking Madness

    So for a while now the pugs I get into use the single tank/2 heal strat for madness. However when it comes to tanking the two elementium terrors, I can't seem to survive.

    Here is my Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...tzmoo/advanced

    I've tried stringing CDs as well as popping everything at once(including both trinkets) and I can't seem to live past the first round of adds. Fortunately they are nearly dead when I usually die and then the group just zergs through the next set of adds and we get the kill, but it is honestly a bit embarrassing.

    I've seen other tanks do this successfully. Is it simply that much harder as a warrior without all the CDs of a pally or DK? or is there something I can do that I haven't tried yet?

    I realize I could regem/reforge a bit to add more stamina, and I will as soon as I get a new helm, but I am not sure how much of a difference a few thousand HP would make in this particular situation.

    Please Halp! I am getting tired of watching the end of the fight from the ground.

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    If you are solo-tanking you shouldn't be seeing more than one set of terrors. What we did was have our feral druid off-tank one of them.

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    Are you making sure to tank them inside the yellow circle? They apply a stacking debuff that hurts, but if you tank them in the yellow it slows down how fast the debuff stacks.
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    just don't let them melee you up the bum.

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    I thought (we 2 tank it ourselves) most solo tank strategies demanded some dps (or even healer) taunting off the terrors. The stacks, the part that actualy hurt, go away in 2 (was it 3) seconds. Point is, very quick. If your holy pally just goes 15 yards away and uses righteous defense (taunting both) off you, by the time they are reaching him you can taunt back with zero stacks.

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