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Thread: Anyone mind taking a look at this parse real quick?

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    Anyone mind taking a look at this parse real quick?

    I just recently started using WoL again after taking a break from WoW for around a year or so, so I am trying to get back on my feet with healing again. I tried a LFR late last night and didn't have any trouble keeping people up, but was wondering if there were any suggestions on how to increase my HPS, or if I even need to worry about it? Or just any healadin tips in general that you see with this parse.

    Thanks! (name is lolipwn, just incase you miss it.)

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    Pick up one of the buffs...Ultraxion parses are pretty much worthless to look at because of the buff you're supposed to be getting.

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    LFR has six healers. How many healers are actually required? In truth every fight can be done with fewer than six as far as throughput is concerned. Morchok for example the average healing required on kills was like 54k on World of Logs. That's two healable. Bottom line LFR the damage is significantly lower than what healers should be able to output, and the reason it's that way is in case everything that can go wrong does go wrong you could still likely defeat the encounter. 99% of doing well on healing meters in LFR is simply a matter of sniping heals. If I heal the person before you do, my heal counts, yours doesn't cause it's overhealing. You are actually in direct competition with the other healers to be the first to land that heal and if they are simply better at it they will likely beat you to many of them. Also since LFR is a random group, you can have healers who are at the item level minimum or healers who have killed Heroic Deathwing. Your competition is random in skill, experience, and gear.
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    Don't pay attention too much to meters in LFR and for the love of God don't listen to the window lickers in LFR if they complain. On my Shammy, I could sit there and spam Healing Rain for the whole run and still be up on the meters. Last night on my Pally, I got no buffs on Ultra (I wait for the blue crystal, but one of the other healers took it along iwth another color I'm sure thinking they stack, - they don't) in LFR and still topped the meters 'cause I could sit at the back of the group and spam 3 Holy Radiances and a Light of Dawn all fight.

    Use LFR to practice, play around with your different heals and pick up some gear. Learn you're mana tolerance for spamming, pracitce mana regen, think of it as a testing ground - but don't worry about meters.

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    Here's a more updated one. Obviously I was still getting used to getting into DS, but from your observations, what do you guys see that can be improved?

    Here is my armory for reference: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...Lolipwn/simple

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    Few notes about your gear- Don't gem for +10 int unless you really need the extra spirit from the purple gems. Rule of thumb is +20 int socket bonuses only plus your 2 reckless for meta and everything else goes all int. Your weapon should be power torrent, your chest should be 20 stats, your boots should be lavawalker for the run speed. Obviously you need more DS gear. Work on getting raid finder pieces. The RF tier 2 bonus will be better than your firelands one. Your spec is okay. Its not the one I use but its not bad. I'd recommend replacing glyph of divinity with either glyph of lay on hands or on 2 tank fights glyph of beacon of light. Your reforging looks fine.

    I'm not very good with WoL so I'll let people better at that speak up. I did notice that your judgments of the pure uptime is low (I'm seeing 88%). Don't forget to refresh that. Your HPS isn't bad but I haven't done 10 man or reg in a while so I don't really know what good numbers for that fight are.

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