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Thread: Dunno what happend

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    Dunno what happend

    Hey all, Up until recently my dps has been really strong...that is till the last patch. I seemed to have lost a great deal of dps and cant understand why. I didn't notice any nerfs in the patch notes. My only recent upgrades are tier pieces and heroic Rockhides. I know I am still lacking Madness weapons....we have only had one fall and it went to our dk tank. Just not to sure if im doing something wrong. Any advice will be welcome. Thanks http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...Laric/advanced

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    You might want to give arms a try I've had some great improvement switching my offspec to arms. Gurthalak will be a nice dps boost once you get it. Your current spec/gear look fine to me.

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    i noticed the same thing laric, i dropped from 35k to about 25k on ultaxion, went arms and not only is my dps back where it was but higher

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