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Thread: Human Warrior noob help

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    Human Warrior noob help

    Hi guys,

    I've got a few noob questions for you all. And this is going to sound weird but give me a chance

    So I strated playing WOW last year for a few months, then stuff in "real" life happened and meant I had to stop playing. I created a Human Prot Warrior with Arms as my 2nd tree and got him up to level 70.

    I've now come back and with a friend using the new res scroll Im now a full level 80 Warrior .....however up until this point Ive just been questing and dropping a few instances with friends to level up faster, however now Im level 80 I thought it about time to get down and dirty and really start learning all about my character....yes I know, I should have all this down by this time


    1. Reading through some of the "guides" on the webnet, I have seen a lot of different ideas on the priorities list to use in combat, and have now completely lost the plot. So heres one I found and really just need some idea to see if its any good:

    commanding shout / batle shout
    bladestorm giving me 100 rage instantly
    heroic - use if over 50 rage (rage dump)
    mortal strike
    spam execute if mob is below 20% health

    2. How would this list work between Prot and Arms (want to use this for soloing / questing)
    3. What macros should I be using to make the most of both trees dependant on what I am doing.

    And before I get flamed for not googling or searching this forum, this is exactly what I have been doing for 2days and Im even more confused now. One of the problems is that a lot of guides are written by experienced players (4+ years) for experienced players, making a lot of assumptions that people reading them know exactly what they are talking about.

    So any help will be much appreciated


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    Generally don't Uses Bladestorm unless you ahve at least 2 targets in range of it. you're basic Priority is

    Keep rend up
    Keep Mortal Strike on CD
    Keep Colossus Smash up
    Use Execute
    Use OP
    Use Slam
    Burn excess rage with Heroic strike.

    Replace HS with Cleave in multi target fights, and use your CDs as often as you can,

    Prot and Arms have very different Priorities and only overlap with a few abilities. http://www.noxxic.com/ is a decent enough place to learn the basics, though they're not 100% right all the time.

    Macros are a personal thing, you can play 100% fine without them, Use whatever ones you think will help you.

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    Cheers for the reply Tengensten, I've not come across this site, so I will check it out and hopefully it will provide me with what I need.

    Thanks for the priority advice really appreciate it.

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