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    Can someone send me a Scroll of Resurrection, I'm buying a game time card Sunday. Thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by deathraiser1 View Post
    Can someone send me a Scroll of Resurrection, I'm buying a game time card...

    No. Someone can't send you a Scroll of Resurrection. You can only resurrect subscriptions. If you've been using game time cards, you likely wouldn't meet the criteria to be resurrected. That's assuming they would want to in the first place.

    Also even beyond that point, Scroll of Resurrection isn't even available right now.
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    yeah, you're probably just going to have to bite the dust and reactivate broseph. also.

    in the future, try not to just post a 1 liner thread asking for personal help like this. generally frowned upon by our community and why your initial post was deleted.


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