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Thread: [H] Blackrock <Resurgence> 10man 2/8HM DS recruiting.

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    [H] Blackrock <Resurgence> 10man 3/8HM DS recruiting.

    <Resurgence>[lvl25] is seeking raiders who have a positive attitude, who are able to work in a group situation cohesively and are able to display the required level of skill and situational awareness on a CONSISTENT basis.

    10 man Progression : 6/7 Heroic FL, 8/8 DS, 3/8 Heroic DS

    Currently recruiting:
    *Please note: quality players of any class are always encouraged to apply.*
    Healer (prefer holy paladin)

    Raiding times are as follows:
    Our raid times are Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, 2-5 AM PST (7-10 PM AEST)

    PDT - Since we are a predominantly Australian based guild, raid time will change to 2-5 AM server time during the PDT months (2nd Sunday March - 1st Sunday Nov.)

    AEDT - 8-11 PM during the AEDT months (1st Sunday Oct. - 1st Sunday April)

    - Availability that fits our raid schedule, you should be able to be on time every night and stay for the entire raid without needing to AFK.
    - Come prepared to raids fully repaired, with consumables and relevant gear and spec for the encounters.
    - An attitude geared towards raid progression
    - A stable internet connection and computer.
    - Proper gems and enchants.
    - Ventrilo and a working microphone/head set.
    - Raiding experience 8/8 Normal DS.

    Contact information:
    Officers : Manataan, Shiruva, Brokenchaos
    Website: http://resurgence.guildlaunch.com
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