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Thread: Legionary's Protection Warrior Guide [PvE In 5 Minutes!]

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    Legionary's Protection Warrior Guide [PvE In 5 Minutes!]

    Hey guys, playing around with the idea of making really quick complete class guides. You know, the basic sort you use when you've just levelled up a new character and don't want to be terrible!

    Just made the first one, any constructive feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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    Here's my feedback
    • Parry should not be slightly higher than Dodge. This is a commonly held fallacy because people saw this article without reading it entirely. The important bit to take home should be "When you are still hittable, the damage reduction given by Hold the Line is, relatively, not as important as keeping your dodge and parry balanced and covering the combat table."
    • Your meta-gem recommendation is wrong. Even at relatively low gear levels (pre T11) warrrors should start using the eternal rather than the austere. http://bacondev.com/tankmeta/
    • Pre full CTC the mastery Elixir and a Scroll of Stamina IX are better than the flask.or even if you want to swap in an extra stam trinket and can't quite keep Full CTC.
    • On Single targets Blood and thunder to keep rend rolling is a bigger DPS increase over Cruelty (it sims better than SnB point for point!), for much the same reason Thunderstruck is usually better single target than Imp.Revenge
    • Saying thereis only one single target Major Glyph choices are wrong. GoHT provides a Small increase to raid DPS, GoShockwave provides some single target DPS. GoSW can be useful on Ultraxxion HC, GoRP can be useful if your struggling with rage, and GoTC is nice for additional ranged attacks and keeping rend rolling on a single target whilst kiting. ALL would be superior on most fights to GoSR. additionally Thier are minor glyph choices: GoCommanding shout could be replaced by GoBS (or GoIS on trash) dependant upon raid make up.
    • You do not need blood craze for AoE.
    • You certainly do not need Gag Order for AoE
    • Deep wounds is good on single targets. Its even better on AoE
    • AoE spec is not optimal for AoE threat.
    • Single target Priority/Rotation is wrong: SS>roll rend>shorten SS CD>SW>CB Revenge may not be worth including at all
    • AoE rotation should prioritise SW over TC once rend has been spread.
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    All that plus the class is getting overhauled when MoP hits, the audience that needs a guide would do better to have one then.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tengenstein View Post
    just don't let them melee you up the bum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreador View Post
    All that plus the class is getting overhauled when MoP hits, the audience that needs a guide would do better to have one then.
    Well, I was thinking pretty much the same thing as Dreador said. But thanks for the sharing.

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    • You should not always use mastery food: once Full CTC is achieved you should probably swapo to either dodge or patty food dependant upon the relative levels of those stats,

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    I like the format. Production value would be higher with a slow-mo video of single target and AoE pulls maybe. Other than that, yes, waiting for MoP to release a full series seems good.

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    cooldown, name
    04.5s devastate
    06.0s shield slam
    06.0s thunderclap
    09.0s revenge
    20.0s shockwave (if talented)
    30.0s victory rush (if talented)
    30.0s heroic throw (+gag order if glyphed)
    60.0s battle shout
    60.0s heroic leap

    from the MoP calc, we just can pray those things won't get live it looks even worse than paladin tanking right now (guide: "hit everything that's off cooldown and if nothing left just wait .__.").

    Even assuming that revenge proccs sword & board 100% of the time that's still rather boring compared to our "SLAM! fish fish TRUCK" (c) rotation with weaved in heroic strikes when rage allows it:

    0,0 shield slam
    1,5 revenge
    3,0 shield slam
    4,5 devastate
    6,0 thunderclap
    7,5 filler

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    I hope it doesn't live too, with these long cooldowns I am worried it's going to feel slow paced. Also many times two out of the three main abilities come off of CD at the same time, so every 10 sec or so we have nothing to do on a GCD and we also have TWO things to do on another GCD. For example if you SS then Dev, two GCD'd later both come off cooldown at the same time, if you do Rev, something else, SS then 4.5 sec later both come off cooldown. You can actually get all three to come of CD at the same time, it just seems like this is all on paper and how they can work out proper DPS numbers being things have no rage cost but have not actually played it.

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    IF they want us to be in a similair situation to rogue they should make it so that say SS gens 20 rage, Rev gens 10 rage and Dev 5 rage and leave all on heir preset CD so sthat we basically can spam dev to hold aggro, but fall over as we can't afford any of the protective rage dumps.

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