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Thread: Disc Priest getting the shaft in MoP.

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    Disc Priest getting the shaft in MoP.

    I mulled over the new talent calculator for Mists of Pandaria and was astonished to find that the 3 major multi-target healing spells are removed from Discipline but retained on Holy. Divine Hymn, Prayer of Healing and Binding Heal gone from Discipline and utterly destroying our group healing ability. This pretty much breaks Discipline for 5mans and Heroics. Holy is a weak tank healer. So now what. Priests are going to be poor healers for 5 mans regardless of spec.

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    I can't really comment on disc changes to but I don't think any class struggles healing 5 mans though do they? Perhaps if they made them a lot harder but I'm not sure that's what Blizzard want.

    I think if things are badly broken from a raid perspective then it will change, don't think we see the finished mop

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    From the blue post that followed they want to buff holy nova for disc, which might be interesting for 5mans for some extra dps jump into melee and holy nova stuff or for 25man when everyone is grouped up. Shame to loose PoH though.

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    We don't know about Holy Nova' range, maybe they'll change it to 30y as well, maybe it's targetable - maybe not. Looking at the MoP-calc now is just wrong, you either can get hyped and later on your expectations unfulfilled or feel devasted like i do from the way your favorite class is maybe (or maybe not) heading.

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    I think it's a mistake, for Blizzard to keep releasing "the latest" talent treemaybespeclookatthisbutdon'tworryaboutit...

    Has the same effect, as if they wouldn't tell us anything, and we make up our own dire and doom...

    I just hope, this time around, they don't screw up Disc, early on, so much that I won't want to play it...I really love healing, in that spec, especially since sometime in Firelands...
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