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Thread: rotting skull vs vessel of acceleration for Arms

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    rotting skull vs vessel of acceleration for Arms

    Should I grab Rotting Skull over Vessel of Acceleration?

    This is char http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/kazzak/tunaktunak/advanced

    hould I just go for belt due to a bit better stats combo?

    I am aware that once we start workin on Spine HC I should have it, but in general and for most encounters?
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    I prefer VoA because Rotting Skull just won't line up with your arms cooldowns and delaying it decreases it's averaged strength from 382 to 283.

    Benefits of RS: more (48) critical strike rating (up all the time, with lots of target swaps VoA actually can drop sometimes) and LOTS of burst dps when you want it (Hagara - weaken phase, Spine - Tendon, Madness - aoe).

    But if it's your last piece except for the belt just grab the trinket first and try it out on farm bosses, you can buy the belt 1-2 weeks later anyways.

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