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Thread: What 85s do you have and which are the most fun?

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    Feb 2010
    Ive got 8 85s: Shadowpriest, Rogue, Feraldruid, Mage, Holypriest, Hunter, DK, Warrior

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    Feb 2009
    AZ (Zonie)
    Priest (Disc/Shadow), Hunter, and Warrior...

    Warrior was my first, but he's been sadly left slightly behind...tanked with him, until early LK, then only DPS, lately, he's not much more than a quester/miner. Wish the dps specs were more like the Prot spec...I love moving, with speed and shield!

    Hunter is just plain fun...love to MD, but try not to anger tanks, by doing so too early. I've slowly begun to like CC, too, when allowed time to do so...also, love pets, and soloing...

    Priest is my main...I raid, mostly in Disc, but really enjoy Shadow, the most--at times feel almost invincible.

    I have nine other alts, at various stages, realms, and factions. Have yet to try Pally, Rogue, or DK...

    I also have two more priests--one's a bank alt, though ;>)
    -"Just like a buzzin' fly, I come into your life, I'll float away, like honey in the sun..."--Tim Buckley

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    Ret Paladin PvE > Ret Paladin PvP > Prot Paladin PvE > Combat Rogue PvE > Sub Rogue PvP. Shammy > Priest > Druid

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