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Thread: holy pally guide OOD? priest to pally need help

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    holy pally guide OOD? priest to pally need help

    so my main toon is a holy priest, and ive decided to try out the holy pally, i been doing a lot of research so i dont go into a room and do shit, but i was directed to the holy pally guide here in the forums, except it states the guide is 4.01, so my question is seein how we r in 4.3 now, how off is that guide? does any1 have something more up to date so i can learn this class better. PS: my main tree was tanking with this pally, so i know the tanking aspect of the spells

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    Not a whole lot is that different. The biggest difference from the guide is likely that holy radiance was changed quite a lot. It now makes holy paladins one of the best aoe healers, however it's expensive so you can't really afford to purely spam it.

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