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Thread: Simple drag-n-drop Image and File Sharing

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    Simple drag-n-drop Image and File Sharing


    My name is John, co-founder of a simple photo and file sharing platform startup based in NY.

    Would love to have everyone try http://Minus.com

    Please let me know your thoughts and feedback

    What can you do with the new Minus?

    - Store up to 50 GB of files
    - Upload files up to 2 GB
    - Remote Upload from the Web
    - Capture Screenshots of Websites
    - Browse images, music, videos, documents
    - Apps on Android, iOS, Desktop, Chrome and Firefox:
    - Add Effects to Photos on Website, Android and iPhone
    - Capture desktop screenshots on Minus Desktop App

    * Special Link* Sign Up here for 25 GB account: http://minus.com/pages/e21b7e0efd78/appsumo/

    http://john.minus.com (me)


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    Feb 2012
    Hope the mods will keep thread open or move it appropriately

    Will check back and answer questions and would love to hear some suggestions and feedback as well.

    Also open to sponsored threads/posts.

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    Feb 2012
    Hope everyone saw the latest changes on Minus!
    February Newsletter here:

    Minus is now on iPad: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/minus/id425091149?mt=8

    Also take a look at the Explore page, hope you like it

    If any suggestions or feedback, please do share!

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