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Thread: Druid looking for a checkup.

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    Druid looking for a checkup.

    As the title says, looking for a checkup. Open to all suggestions but I want to know WHY as well. Still a bit confused about stat priorities as I don't really know if I want to go the haste route or mastery>crit. So far been sticking with mastery>crit as I can't find a good reforge tool to test my reforges (to see the post-reforge stats) without paying for them (would love suggestions for something like that as well). Really don't have any mana issues but haven't healed much in normals. Guild transferred realms and looking to have as many raid ready toons as I can so that we can get the guild to a raid ready status as soon as possible.


    Thanks in advance.

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    Crit is the lowest valued stat regardless for Restoration. The only question is between Haste and Mastery. Most people go for Haste to get the 9th tick threshold of Wild Growth and Efflorescence as that is a very considerable throughput increase. It depends on raid buffs where it will fall for you (2005 with just 5% spell haste buff, 1573 if you also have Dark Intent). Mastery will be better between breakpoints. Also if you're exclusively tank healing mastery will trend to be better because you simply aren't casting as many healing over time abilities (if you never cast Wild Growth, you get no benefit from its haste breakpoint). Because most druids aren't exclusively tank healers, they tend to favor haste as it has significant impact on the abilities they use as a raid healer when they reach these breakpoints.

    Mana shouldn't be much of a concern regardless at this point, however one of the core reasons you don't have mana issues is because your haste is extremely low, you're regenerating a lot of mana in the time it takes for you to finish casting a spell.

    Your meta gem isn't ideal, you really should be using an Burning Shadowspirit Diamond. You said it yourself, you don't have mana issues.
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    On the audit side, don't ever give up an int gem for a spi socket bonus, don't ever give up int unless there is only one non-red socket and socket bonus is ≥ 20 int.

    Int provides very nearly the same regen as spirit does, through druid mechanics like innervate and replenishment, and provides a bigger mana pool, more spell power, higher crit rate etc, there really is no downside for us

    Hate to say it but the crafted wrists are way better than vp ones :|

    Swap your weapon for Stalk of Corruption if possible, you need the haste.

    ed - reforging - haste to 2005 > mastery> crit. After 2005 haste then mastery where you can, crit if not.

    As quinafoi states, chasing haste break points is massively important to resto, it offers a very substantial efficiency and throughput gain. Haste becomes largely deprecated until the next breakpoint though. As soon as you achieve >2005(presuming no lock but 5% sp haste buff) reforge as much as you can to mastery/crit. Whatever you are doing as a druid healer wildgrowth/sm/efflo will be on cd, if any of this is a concern The reason haste is a poor stat for us beyond breakpoints is because we use mostly instant hots which see no benefit from haste unless in extra ticks (this differs from haste stacking eclipse bound balance). I'm amazed you've been able to get your haste so low, this breakpoint can be made in 346/353 gear without sacrificing int.

    Crit isn't a bad stat for resto now it's 2x bonus, it is a little more expensive per % heal gained compared with mastery and efflo ticks can't crit but you don't have to manage harmony uptime. Due to a large proportion of our healing being low heal ticks we are less punished by crit rng than cast time healers. In my experience mastery was better for me when I added a poweraura for Harmony, knowing that you need to squeeze a nourish/sm/regrowth in before the next big raid blast helps no end.

    If you are ending most fights with spare mana then spirit is the most worthless stat there is My druid has 390 gear having resto'd since lvl30, I am fairly efficient in how I heal and sometimes have mt totem but I have 670spi > mastery/crit(currently about 800spi less than yourself with throughput trinkets), using a rejuv based throughput build (Genesis>Furor). It is important to innervate on cd though, time with powertorrent procs and if damage is heavy consider volcanic pot + innervate rather than taking straight mana pot option. Swap in static int + spirit use/stack/proc trinket if more regen is needed for some fights. IMO regrowth is a clearcast/harmony tool or a very situational panic button, I no longer have living seed but have kept the crit bonus talent or it loses even situational use. Just thought I'd mention my viewpoint on the spell as spamming it chews through mana.

    If your guild is progressing through content, guild hits a crux point on a boss and you aren't oom when everyone dies, treat this as the end of the fight, more mana wouldn't have helped, if it's possible throughput would have then run with less spirit.

    If you are unsure of best resto methodology then check out the elitistjerks resto thread. It's a good source of info even if you end up tweaking your build a little, at least you'll know why



    p.s apologies for a bit of a wall
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