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Thread: The most horrible luck I have had in years.

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    The most horrible luck I have had in years.

    The purpose of this thread is not for me to cry about my bad luck or anything, I just found the amounts of shit that happened to my guild in a single week amusing. Let me start.

    Sunday: Heroic Spine down (yay). Our druid healer goes on a one week vacation.
    Monday - Tuesday: Messing around with some setups on Madness, progress almost into phase 2, we decide to extend to try and push a pre-5% nerf.
    Wednesday: Our Shadowpriest goes AWOL, we discover he ninja applied to an 8/8 HC guild. Raid is called, people are mad, half the raid is now saved for 7/8HC for this week.
    Thursday: Our shaman healer has a lecture changed on the last second, so he misses a raid. That left us with 2 healers for the night (our druid was on vacation remember? :S). We messed around with some retarded setups for a bit and then called the raid.
    Friday: Our elemental shaman who has not missed a raid in his life, was in a train on his way back from work. Too bad someone decided to commit suicide by running in front of the train. He was delayed by 3 hours. By the time he came back we did not manage to raid properly.
    Saturday: ​Could not organize an extra raid, people had other stuff to do
    Sunday: We say: "Come on, it's been such a shit week, what could possibly go wrong?" Well, turns out that our shaman's credit card was blocked or something and he could not pay for a subscription. Until he fixed it, we lost another 2.5 hours
    Monday - Tuesday: Finally some decent raids, gave us the time we needed to raid concentrated an learn the fight. But they were not enough for us to down it.

    Let me mention to all of this, that since DS released, we had been raiding for 5-6 times a week no problem whatsoever. I literally was *this* close to eating my keyboard. Thankfully the rest of the guild members did not act like infants and we just got through this crap week intact.

    You guys got any similar "cool stories (bro)"?

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    Sounds like the guy who ran in front of the train had an even worse week than you guys did.
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    That looks like a lot of FMLs going on.

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    Friday: Screwed up a presentation to the board of directors at my company.
    Saturday: While drunk, said some really inappropriate things about a friend while she was trying to chat up a guy.
    Tuesday: Raised the ire of the Chief Accounting Officer by not including her on an email.
    Wednesday: Tore the rear bumper off my car while trying to back out of a parking space in my parking garage.
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    And people wonder why I left 10 man raiding. You want to hear a crap story let me tell you a crap story.

    Here was a first major guild swap of cata:
    I could go on as I've been in at least 8 guild's since cata started all but 2 required money be spent to join...
    Week 0 : My 10 man guild formerly dissovles.
    Week 1 : Join 25 man guild, on server
    Week 2 : Passed trail (acclerated they new me etc.)
    Week 4 : Take a week off to attend state finals for robotics.
    Week 4 (friday) : Get call that top 25 man on server dissolved due to drama
    Week 4 (saturday) : No members this guild app'd to us, and GM isn't happy
    Week 4 (sunday) : Come home from finals disappointed, have a rough night on Al'akir GM rages
    Week 4 (monday) : Guild meetings we aren't raiding 25's any more.
    Week 5 (tuesday) : Faction Xfer to join alliance side guild
    Week 6 (tuesday) : GM of alliance side guild ninja's the Gbank and xfers horde side.
    Week 7 (tuesday) : Server X-fer to whisperwind
    Week 7 (friday) : Guild decides to stop raiding
    Week 8 (monday) : Found a new guild X-fer there.

    Or we just go my last week:
    Tuesday: 6 Hours Madness Heroic
    Wednesday: 6.5 Hours Madness Heroic
    Thrusday: 7 Hours on Madness Heroic
    Friday: Off (thank god)
    Saturday: off (thank god)
    Sunday: 8.5 hours on Madness Heroic
    Monday: 10.5 hours on Madness Heroic
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    Quote Originally Posted by Krenian View Post
    That looks like a lot of FMLs going on.
    Yes, the nerves of some people were hanging by a thread

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    What a week. Plus side: BBQ sauce makes all the difference when chomping keys.
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    Weve had a good bit of guild drama that as 2nd in command Ive learned how to handle alot of it.

    We had a resto druid that came to the guild as a fill in, our GM stopped raiding so he became full time. As time wore on, he started being a bigger and bigger pain in the ass. Eventually, he stopped taking his bi-polar meds and started causing such problems that I kicked him off the team and he g-quit.

    About the same time our prot pally (who we geared up) who was a buddy of the druid started causing problems too. One night he comes on and tells us his work is moving him to austrailia and he cant raid with us anymore. He starts raiding with another guild the night he was supposed to leave. Yeah.... So we recruited a better tank. He ragequits guild, trys to get our guild disbanded, shuts down our mumble, starts spreading lies about us all over server, the whole bit.

    I would tell you more, but I gotta get back to putting a motor together.

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    Joined guild.
    We finally got about to raiding.
    The one gal has a fit because other girls in the guild are supposedly trying to "block" her from guy she has crush on.
    She takes her friend from the guild and tries to split anyone else she can out of it over the previous drama.
    GM gets tired of it and says "f*** this" and quits WoW.
    GM passes on GM title to main tank.
    Main tank rages because we have to assemble a new raid team, takes his main over to another guild on the same server.
    Main tank / GM constantly reminds the guild that he is in charge of how awesome his new guild is and how much the guild he GM's sucks.
    Main tank / GM cries because his new guild falls apart from ragequits.
    Main tank / GM quits WoW..... holding onto GM title.
    7-8 months after receiving GM title, he logs back on and passes the GM'ship to me without telling me, then logs off.

    Yes. I tried to breathe some life back into the guild. Even went so far at one point as to get two like-minded (casual) guilds to offer us standing spots in their raid teams. The one had two 10 man teams, but couldn't assemble enough for 25 man, and asked for us to bring some people along so we could run 25 man raids. The other, two of us ran Firelands with them successfully on Sundays on an alt run.

    Oh, and while all this was going on, the gal mentioned earlier is actively and specifically targeting people that I'm recruiting to rebuild the guild and poisoning the well. Mind you..... I'm not the GM that she ran with in the start. I'm just the person who somehow ended up with the GM position. This is the same person who begged me to lead her raids for for her guild.

    I'm still the GM of this small, shattered guild, but have refused to disband it as it is one of the oldest (if not the) guilds on the server.

    Too. Much. Freakin. Drama.
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    I was at a loss for words when I saw this. That's beyond my imagination.
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