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Thread: Loot System Add-On and/or External Program

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    Loot System Add-On and/or External Program

    First off, I apologize if there is a thread exactly like this one already. I did a search and didn't see anything related to what I wanted to ask.

    I recently started playing WoW again after a long break. I was the GM of the guild I was in so I passed over my responsibilities to an officer I trusted. Unfortunately, that was a mistake because after woefully managing the guild causing many people to leave he ended up stealing all of the guild bank gold and bolting. Although, at this point, that is neither here nor there.

    Anyways, now that I'm playing again I've been able to lure back a few of our old members and we are actively recruiting new members. We are planning on being a casual 10-man raiding guild and previously we simply did open rolls (MS>OS) but I really didn't like the system for the obvious reasons. Mainly, people having bad luck with rolls, someone having really good luck with rolls, etc.

    So I'm currently looking into an alternative to this and would like to find an add-on or even an external program that would allow me to easily keep track of <blank> loot system. Basically, I'd just like some suggestions of either an add-on or external program for the different loot systems. Whether it is DKP, Suicide Kings, etc.

    Thanks in advance!
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    The system we use, and usually (if justified, and not just playing favorites) is the ever-so-popular Loot Council. It's pretty widely used because it works - and if anyone ever complains or any of that normal "loot drama" happens. Just make sure they know that if they have any questions about why a piece of loot went to a certain person they can simply ask. Just make sure you've got honest people on the council, not someone who will play favorites.

    However, if you're against this method, Curse has a lot of addons for EPGP, EPK, DKP, LOL, LMAO, BBQ and anything else.
    In my old guild, the GM said used an addon called "Easy EPGP" which tracked raider's attendance, performance, and loot recieved.

    That's really all I know about that specific addon. However, my suggestion is in Loot Council.

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    Loot Council definitely is definitely towards the top for me. Really what I'm between is Loot Council, DKP, or Suicide Kings. I know all three of those are vastly different but I just think all of them have their advantages obviously.

    I've browsed over a few of the DKP addons hopefully someone could let me know which one their guild uses.

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