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Thread: [A] <Totally Hipsters> 10m 2n/wk DS hardmodes - LFM

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    [A] <Totally Hipsters> 10m 2n/wk DS hardmodes - LFM

    Totally Hipsters (Hellscream US-PvE) just recently began raiding again after a short hiatus and are looking to establish a firm foothold in the raiding community on our server. We need more players capable of efficiently progressing through 10-man Dragon Soul on a 2-night/week schedule.

    Our goal for this particular 10-man group is to kill Hard-mode Deathwing before Mists of Panderia is released. An ambitious goal but one that is within reason given the current composition of our raid group, and more importantly the players already committed to the group.

    If you are interested in 10-man HM raiding on a 2-night/week schedule, please continue reading.

    Totally Hipsters Website

    Current Progress with this Group: 1/8 Hardmode Dragon Soul

    Raiding Schedule:
    Sunday: 8:30 - 12:30 CST
    Monday: 8:30 - 12:30 CST

    Contact me directly via email below, or visit our website and post an application. Please take into consideration that being a "good" player is not subjective. Any evidence of previous raiding experience, whether it be screenshots, log parses or achievements will go a long way to help you in the application process.

    Holy Paladin - High Need

    1-2 Caster DPS with 36k+ sustained DPS on a single-target encounter

    Not accepting Applications

    Contact Information
    Real-ID & E-mail: neighbour.warcraft@gmail.com
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