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Thread: Kil'jaeden [H]<forsaken bacon> 8/8 NM - 1/8 HM DS LF 1 DPS 2 Heals

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    Kil'jaeden [H]<forsaken bacon> 8/8 NM - 1/8 HM DS LF 1 DPS 2 Heals

    Forsaken Bacon (1/8 heroic 10 man) is looking to fill core spots for:
    • 2 healers (prefer druid and priest)
    • 1 melee dps (not rogue)
    • since we don't raid a whole lot of hours you must be a skilled player. you should be at least 390+ ilvl and downed 8/8 on normal. we are fairly casual but do push hard modes and don't like to waste our time
    Raid Times (5.5 hours a week):
    • tues 9pm-12am pst
    • thurs 9:30pm-12am pst
    • you must have 90%+ attendance.
    • Pfgshammy
    • Reivax
    • Itankarenas
    • Saneone

    To contact PFG /who pfg on KJ horde or Korgath alliance. Also anyone in Forsaken Bacon should be able to find one of us.

    Need 1 priest healer and one dps, warlock or shadow priest.

    Need 1 dps warlock or shadow priest.

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