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Thread: BiS Resto Shaman list

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    BiS Resto Shaman list

    Is there a updated and accurate BIS resto shaman list anywhere? i haven't been able to find one reliable enough to follow.

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    There's no such thing avaible because you can't just use haste/mastery pieces if you don't have enough spirit from an item like Heart of Unliving.

    And besides trinket (HoU, windward heart and heroic jaws of defeat are the only contenders for the crown) there's not much room for changing stuff out:

    belt: higher ilvl & spirit/haste from spine versus crit/haste from morchok
    shoulder: haste/mastery nonset from ultraxion versus haste/spirit set (hagara)

    Unless you're looking for normal mode, where you can get your hands on boe's for wrist and panties. Hit chardev.org, put your desired gear together (you'll want a certain amount of haste for breakpoints and a bunch of spirit to feel comfortable) and save it. Remove all switchable pieces and use the other ones instead and check the result again, if the result is better take this if not take the first set of gear

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    Simply put; BiS is highly dependant on personal healing style, raid size, healing group setup, and raid tactics. (roughly in that order)
    Stat priority isn't as clear-cut as it is for DPS, and with reforging the differences get even harder to find.
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