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Thread: US-Korgath [H]<Pleasure Town> 3/8HM DS, 6/7HM FL - Recruiting Hunter and DPS Shaman

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    US-Korgath [H]<Pleasure Town> 3/8HM DS - Recruiting Huntter, Rogue, and DPS Shaman

    Pleasure Town is looking for an exceptional hunter, rogue, and dps shaman for our second core 10 man group.

    We're a fun loving, mature group, that's serious about progression. We want a raiders but show up on time, know their class, and do what's right for the group while keeping things chill.

    Our raid times are Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday 6:00-9:00ST.

    If you fit the requirements, please feel free to apply on our site at http://pleasuretown.guildlaunch.com.

    If you are on Korgath, you may also contact Ananoon, Majja, or Ingenius for more information.
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