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Thread: Q: Moving from 10man raiding to 25man

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    Q: Moving from 10man raiding to 25man

    I have been running a 10man raid since the beginning of cata. Our raid is comprised mostly of RL friends and a couple people we have become friends with over wow. I want to bring our guild from 10man raiding to 25man but I am having trouble figuring out the best way to do that. We aren't the most progressed guild on the server so recruiting isn't the easiest. Any suggestions?

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    Lore talked about the member requirements in on of his recent PSTs:

    If that doesn't work hit this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmHlOMeys7k&t=19m34s
    Should start at the right point ... and if not, it's 19 minutes 34 seconds into the video.

    One thing he said and i agree with that 100%: "Basically you'll need a large enough pool to don't call any raids off." How many nights you want to raid anyways? What's your goals for this tier? Remember that it's only 2 maybe 3 months [*] until Pandas will drive us crazy, is that enough time for you to get everything running? Do you already have a large surplus on raiders? Is it enough to form two raids or having one main raid and one raid for benched people + alts?
    [*] at least that's what everyone is hoping for, nobody wants another 12ish month ICC grindfest with DS

    Honestly i wouldn't push for 25m to hard right before an addon release because:
    - silly season is going to cut at least 10% of your raiders and regulary your weakest spot, hard to recover from that
    - people going to reroll and having a tank/healer less and a pure dps more who still want a spot can cause some real issues
    - people going to quit, Pokemon and Kung Fu Panda.. seriously Blizzard? Star Wars already got lot of attention and Guild Wars 2 (no monthly fee is a huge plus) and Diablo 3 (start a game and enjoy your stay, no need to plan your schedules and tasks around 9 or 24 other raiders) will get even more to rethink their gaming priorities
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    I think that was not actualy your question, i would recomend start adding more raid groups to your guild in order to slowly gain people
    Try to get 3 or 4 10 man raid and then, when mist of pandaria hts, join them and re-assing spc and so if for example you get to much tanks or somethng

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