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Thread: [A] 1/8 25h LF exceptional players <The Unnamed> @ US-Tanaris

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    Cool [A] 1/8 25h LF Exceptional Players <The Unnamed> @ US-Tanaris

    Guild Information
    Guild Name: The Unnamed
    Realm: US-Tanaris
    Faction: Alliance
    Founded: Nov. 03, 2009 by Quietbow and Zeewitt
    Purpose: To provide a fair, fun, determined and "Drama Free” atmosphere for progression raiding as a team.

    Guild Ranks
    Initiate:1-4 Week trial members (Depending on how well you perform). You can be booted if you fail.
    Member: Standard member of the guild
    Officer: Member involved in the day to day running of the guild.
    Guild Master: Leader of "The Unnamed”
    Friends rank:Friends rank is open. Note that as a friend rank, you will not be considered for a 25 man raiding spot. You must apply to raid, and if accepted you will be bumped up to initiate and be subject to the requirements of that rank.

    Guild Master: Quietbow, Zwitt
    Officers: Faceless, Remedie, Jackage
    Raid Leader: Jackage
    Healing lead: Snžffle

    Raiding Requirements
    Attendance: 95% raid attendance in any given month for those of initiate or above Rank.

    Sign up:
    Signups only go out to member, initiate, officer and GM ranked members. If you sign up for a raid and cannot attend you must let an officer know as soon as possible. Failure to inform an officer via website or in game may result in disciplinary action at the officers’ discretion.
    Signing up for a raid gives you first option to the raid but does not guarantee a spot. The Raid Leader must have the freedom to choose which classes from those that signed up will be needed for Raid success.

    Consumables: Bring flasks, Potions and food needed for raiding. We expect everyone to have a food buff and a flask/elixir buff for raids.
    Study Boss Fights: Please come to the Raid understanding all boss strategies needed for that night. We will post strategies and videos on the website.

    Loot system: We use a loot council system with a three officer/member council. The council changes every 2 weeks.

    Loot priority

    Initiates: Members have priority over initiates on all loot. This is put into place so we avoid initiates ditching us before the trial phase is up with any gear acquired from our raids. Initiates are still eligible for loot if someone passes or no others want.

    Off spec: Off spec gear is /rolled for if no one in raid wants it for main spec.

    Applications: ALL applications are read by officer and above rank only for now. If you apply, please DO NOT bug any members of TU asking about your app, this will cause you to annoy us and you'll be on the fast-track to rejection. So keep that in mind. If we have any questions concerning your application we'll contact you.

    Application requirements:
    Vent: A vent interview is
    required if you are considered. So have vent plus a workingmicrophone.
    Contact info: A valid email address.

    Apply at http://theunnamed-wow.com/recruitment
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