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Thread: 25m Heroic Ultraxion advise

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    25m Heroic Ultraxion advise


    My guild is preparing for 25m Heroic Ultraxion and I was wondering if any of you had and advise we could use for this fight. I know that it is a big healing and dps check but as far as mechanics. Any videos or tips would be greatly appreciated.



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    As I said in the other Ultraxion thread right below this one, make a big ass power aura for fading light w/a timer in the middle of it, give it a sound and PRESS YOUR BUTTON when you have ~1-2 seconds left on the debuff.

    Other than that, mechanics-wise, you need to have 5+ people down during Hour of Twilight...which shouldn't really be a problem at all for a 25 man, I assume. Best to set up groups beforehand for that.

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    I've only done this in 10 man, but I believe the principle behind our strat will work for 25 man too. We one-healed it with our h. paly[/url] (~393ilvl), so that we could shorten the fight with the extra dps. The damage climbs quickly at the end of the fight, after the 5th hour of twilight (4:30). The shorter you make the fight, the easier it is to heal.

    Holy palys spamming holy radiance are really OP for this fight. If you can stack a few, you can really minimize the number of healers.

    Here's a video and logs of the kill if it helps:

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    Stack cooldowns. You're going to cut the enrage timer close in 25 man, and below 30% the healing is insane. You've gotta have cooldowns timed exactly right or the raid is just going to drop, period. In order to meet the DPS check, most 25 man guilds have to 5 heal it.
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    Group A = 5 with full immunity classes (will end up taking 1st, 4th, and 7th Hour of Twilight, so one more than other groups)
    Group B = 5 or 15 (will end up taking 2nd and 5th Hour... there isn't an 8th since that's when he casts his Twilight Extinction)
    Group C = 5 (will end up taking 3rd and 6th Hour)

    Best - Full Immunity classes (Hunter/Deterrence, Shadow Priest/Dispersion, Rogue/Cloak of Shadows)
    Good - High reduction classes (Paladin/Glyphed Divine Protection, DK/Anti-Magic Shell, Enhancement/Shamanistic Rage, Mage/Cauterize)
    Weak - Other Soaking classes (Druid, Warrior, Warlock) all can, but larger DPS loss

    Use Best soakers in Group A since they have to soak the most and take the latest one when healing is hardest
    Use Good/Weak soakers in Group B, use Rallying Cry and Divine Guardian/Shield Wall 4pc (they don't stack) and Intervene+Safeguard and/or Hand of Sacrifice with PW:Shields
    Use Tanks/Good soakers in Group C, use Rallying Cry and Divine Guardian/Shield Wall 4pc (they don't stack) and Intervene+Safeguard and/or Hand of Sacrifice with PW:Shields

    About the 5 vs 15 thing, it really isn't much of a dps increase by letting 15 people get hit (max 2 GCDs from 5 additional dps assuming Group A has 5dps, Group C has 3 DPS and 2 tanks, and Group B is 5 DPS. The only additional people that can stay out are 5 healers which give no DPS increase and 5 addional DPS from the 4th raid group).
    So over the entire fight that's 20-40 CDs at the cost of MUCH more healing needed and increased risk of deaths which would be better offset by just 5 soaking and using an Atonement priest.

    For an exact example of an earlier kill, we had:
    G1: 2 Survival Hunter (Deterrence), 3 Shadow Priest (Dispersion)
    G2: Protection Paladin, 2 Combat Rogue (Cloak of Shadows), 1 Fire Mage (Cauterize), 1 Retribution Paladin (uses Divine Protection and gets Intervene/Safeguard and Hand of Protection)
    G3: Protection Warrior, 1 Combat Rogue (Cloak of Shadows), 2 Fire Mage (Cauterize), 1 Frost Death Knight (uses Anti-Magic Shell and gets Intervene/Safeguard and Hand of Protection)
    G4: 2 Arms Warrior, 2 Demonology Warlock, 1 Enhancement Shaman
    G5: 2 Holy Paladin, 1 Restoration Shaman, 1 Restoration Druid, 1 Discipline Priest (Atonement spec and Smites for the first ~4.5 minutes)

    Make sure the raid is standing relatively close to Ultraxion so that Melee DPS using the 2H sword from Deathwing, Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps, will be able to have their proc'd tentacles have range on damaging Ultraxion. It is a very significant DPS loss if you stand too far away for them to be able to use this item, even if it means healers have to go further to get their crystals. Here is an image I found that pretty much sums it up (we stand directly on the yellow line which you'll see marked by a small crack in the platform)

    Another tip is that on the pull you can use Bloodlust/Heroism/Time Warp, but count it out on vent to be about 3-5 seconds after the pull, this allows healers (and classes with good execute style abilities) to use Heroic Will just before to be in the other realm and not receive the haste buff. Then, later in the fight a second Bloodlust/Heroism/Time Warp will help more for the increased healing output and higher overall DPS from DPS that get a damage bonus when the boss is at lower health.

    The final recommendation I would make is that -NO ONE- trys to game Fading Light and that it's better to play it safe using Heroic Will at 1.5-1 second remaining, rather than at 0.5-0.1 seconds remaining. Overall, the high chance of someone failing even just once of everyone in your raid will be an enormous detriment to your learning experience and progression, as any death (even if they are nearly instantly combat ressurected) will likely almost certainly fall short of DPS and end up being a wipe. Player failure with Heroic Will accounts for probably 80% of the failed attempts, while the remaining 20% will be the whole raid surviving til enrage and being behind on DPS, or healers unable to keep the raid alive near the end.
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