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Thread: Gearcheck on a New Ret Pally

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    Gearcheck on a New Ret Pally

    Hey all,

    My pally's been prot ever since he first dinged 80 in late Wrath, so ret is a little new to me. I also just resubbed a little over a week ago, after having quit just after 4.2 dropped. So, I'm just getting my feet back on the ground.

    Anywho, I'd love it if you all would take a look at my toon, and let me know what I'm doing right/what I'm doing wrong.

    One thing I know for sure is that I'm WAY over the expertise cap, even though I've reforged it off everywhere I can. I guess I should switch Glyph of Seal of Truth out for something else, at the very least.



    EDIT: I suppose I should list a few things that I need advice on in particular.

    1) What should be my planned VP purchase order (i.e. ring, neck or cloak first, or save up for offset pieces)?

    2) I have a str/hit gem left over in my chest. What should I replace that with?
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    Wooh 39 expertise. You'll want 26 (including your glyph), sadly you can't get rid of all your expertise down to 16 so use glyph of crusader strike (+5% crit) instead of glyph of seal of truth for a while.

    to 2)
    Due to the socket bonus it's free 20 hit rating, just enjoy it.
    additional reforges:
    cloak haste to crit
    bracers hit to crit
    girdle hit to mastery
    legs crit to hit
    feet crit to hit
    finger1 haste to mastery
    finger2 exp to mastery
    relic haste to crit

    puts you at exactly 8% hit including your gem and increases your mastery by a large amount (1500->2000) while only losing haste and exp.

    to 1)
    Looking at my reforges suggested above you're still at 797 exp rating but you'll only need way less. So i'd think about decreasing your massive expertise pool first:
    a) necklace has hit/crit and you can't replace it with any drop
    b) finger, you get a free socket + rid of some exp + neat crit/mastery stats
    c) cloak, it just shines due to it's socket
    After that we can talk again

    Ps: check LFR every week, tentacle weapon & 2 piece are just that good. You actually don't want to use 391/397 pieces over 384 if you can't get your setboni that way.
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    Thanks for your help. I got to wondering where you got those numbers from, Googled it, and ended up at askmrrobot. After purchasing the 297 str neck, I reforged according to mrrobot's recommendations, and was pleasantly surprised with the results. I ended up at 7.93% hit, and 26 exp. after re-glyphing out of GoSoT. I pulled 27k dps in HHoT, which I was pretty pleased with.

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