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Thread: druid feral tank needs help please

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    druid feral tank needs help please

    I've been playing feral tank for a while now, main tanking 10 man dragon soul. I'm pretty comfortable with my rotation and how to play my spec. I've been having a lot of trouble with threat issues, by having way to much threat. The off tank is a pally, I pretty much have to take myself out of battle when he taunts (not even white swing) as I will pull straight back off of him immediately after taunt effect wears off. Also I have been told that I am very easy to heal by healers but when I take damage in certain circumstances I die reasonably quickly (when I dont dodge), I believe there is something wrong with my stats on this. Have I stacked too much dodge, and should I stack in another stat, or am I doing it right. As you can tell by my gear we are struggling in 10 mans as I have absolutely no gear, only clearing morchock. Are there any good up to date sites for feral tanks, as all of the ones that I look up seem to be outdated. I would appreciate anyone that can look at my gear/spec/gems/enchants and see where I could be doing better.

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    1. Aggro issues for your offtank
    It's not that you're that good or your offtank is bad it's just that it takes some seconds to get enough vengeance to bypass your tanking partner.
    A solution besides stopping dps entirely: switch to catform, apply rake, mangle to 5 combo points and apply rip, switch back to bear form.

    2. Stats
    dodge > mastery > exp ~= crit > hit >> haste

    dodge: reforge every piece to dodge, there's no problem with diminishing returns for druids so just get it.
    mastery: actually i try to keep mastery on all my pieces and reforge the other stat to dodge, i feel comfortable with my % of critical strikes. You did the same, i can't see a problem there.
    After all i don't see the problem on your side, can you explain the situation more clear? "Also I have been told that I am very easy to heal by healers but when I take damage in certain circumstances I die reasonably quickly" What's this 'certain circumstances' you're referring to? What boss, what part of the fight?

    3. sites
    http://theincbear.com (including 4.3 guide @ http://theincbear.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=5 )

    Ps: i'd take 2/2 endless carnage over 2/3 king of the jungle, 8 more seconds of duration on pulverize is neat.

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