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Thread: Warrior Looking for some advice

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    Warrior Looking for some advice

    Well I have no problem holding aggro or stealing aggro from other tanks without using taunt, but recently I been told that geming mastery is better then what i have right now, my question is would it be worth loosing expertise and maybe some hit for mastery? Also what would you guys recommend I should do about my spec and enchants?


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    You're logged out in yor dps gear so i can't speak about specifics but indeed mastery is much better for prot warriors than expertise. Mastery is our best secondary stat until we reach full combat table coverage, at which point you want to start trading it in for stam where possible and parry where not. Expertise is our best threat stat however threat should not be an issue since the buff last summer made it rediculously easy to hold aggro.I would take the point out of IV and finish off incite. You will save more healer mana with the extra dps than you will with the proccy heal.

    Edit: Ok gotten home so i can see your gear on wow-heroes and yeah your gemmings wrong Pre CTC you shoud be using Fractured in yellow sockets, Puissant in Blue sockets and Fine in Red sockets. Once you've got Full CTC you ideall will swap out some masteryfor stam so you end up with some Puissants in yellow, Defenders in Red, and Solids in blue.

    Your meta gem is also probably incorrect use bacondev.com/tankmeta/ to calculate the right one.

    You want to enchant Dodge on bracers, Greater Mastery on Gloves. Either Greater Stamina or Peerles stats on chest (if it pops you over CTC). get Drakehide leg armour on your legs and lava walker on your boots and Mastery on shield.
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    Hit and Expertise are worthless for tanks, outside of heroic raid content, but that's not something you should worry/think about.
    Basically, your FIRST job as a tank is to stay alive. Mastery = Damage mitigation. ALWAYS reforge to mastery. Your second priority as a tank is to keep threat. Now in 4.3, this was buffed by a very large amount, so if you were having a few problems with no expertise before, it is easy now. At no time in the expansion though did you need to be Hit and Expertise capped. That is a very large waste of avoidance/mitigation.

    SO, gemming: follow what Tengenstein said. Don't worry about your health pool, it takes care of itself.

    Reforge guide for pre-CTC.
    Mastery > Parry (300-400 points) > Dodge > anything else.
    1. If a piece has no mastery, reforge accordingly.
    2. If a piece has mastery and a non tank stat, reforge to get Parry 300-400 points higher than dodge.
    3. A piece has master/avoidance, reforge the avoidance to it's counterpart if necessary to achieve: (parry 300-400 > dodge)

    What's this (Parry>Dodge) I speak of? Hold the Line makes having more Parry than Dodge advantageous to Warriors, but if you pour to much into parry, you lose considerable amount of avoidance to Diminishing Returns. So, between 300 and 400 points difference usually works best. Some choose to go above or below that when reaching/maintaining CTC comes in, but one bridge at a time.

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