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Thread: warrior tank needs a little gear advice.

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    warrior tank needs a little gear advice.

    As far as i know im putting my stats in the correct order. Could someone look it over for me? i seem to be getting very chunky hits in DS regs. my avoidance is at 98% raid buffd.

    heres my link.

    hanks in advance.

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    You're at 97.67% ctc with a flask and all other raidbuffs, that's to low. Get your tol barad reputation up and grab a mirror, you'll really want it for all magical bursts.

    Except for the ring your gear looks perfectly fine to me - get the valor points one next and use a Ring of the Battle Anthem (for Justice Points) until then, it's an 1.15% ctc bump over your current one.

    If you can have some essences (DS-crafting mats) you could also grab a blacksmith and get those boe wirsts crafted, that's another 1% ctc bump. Oh the crafted legs, they are BiS for a while and even if you'd wear them with a lfr-chest (to keep the 4 piece) that's still a 1.79% ctc bump over your current setup (and a neat 3.5k hitpoints plus as well).
    And finally if you got the mental strength jump into the second part of LFR until you got both shield (~ 0.5% ctc gain and 1k ish hitpoints) and sword (the procc is just insanely good).

    Enchant chest - greater stamina instead of 15 stats
    regem waist to fine ember (parry/mastery) instead of defender (parry/stam)

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    thanks for the tips will get on it.

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    1. get a tanking ring
    2. red sockets = parry/mastery
    3. NO stamina trinkets unless Heroic Raiding or maintaining CTC.
    dodge% + parry% + block% + 5% = 102.4 = WIN

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    warrior tank needs a little gear advice.

    Uhm, good sir, may i ask you where does the 5% come from?

    Cuz i honestly still don't get the full grasp of tanking gear mechanic. I know about the 104.5% (or whatever the magic number is), but for warr, what's the correct ratio between block - parry - mastery?

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    5% is the chance to miss. 102,4% is the magic number 100% + 0,2% for each level the boss is above you (3) for block, parry, dodge, miss so 100 + 0,2*4*3=102,4.

    There is no perfect ratio between block-parry-mastery, you have a number of options for gearing the most comon one is stacking as much mastery as possible until 102,4% and stamina after that.

    You do have a ratio between parry and dodge however cause of hold the line and diminishing returns. You can either keep it close together to minimize diminishing returns or you can keep it at around 1,2 for maximum damage reduction, but the 1,2 number is dependant on your gear and can vary a little and is also effected by the ctc cap.

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    You'll notice a strange discontinuity in the yellow and black circles. That's where you reach passive unhittability, even when shield block is down. We can interpret this as follows: When you are still hittable, the damage reduction given by Hold the Line is, relatively, not as important as keeping your dodge and parry balanced and covering the combat table. But once you never take an unmitigated hit, then increasing parry and dodge are only pushing blocks off the combat table as opposed to full hits. At this point, Hold the Line becomes more prominent and we should favor parry more heavily.

    While I was doing this, I examined the relative damage reduction given by parry, dodge, mastery and armor. I found something interesting, though I suppose not unexpected. We have known for a while that when we are hittable, mastery is our best statistic. It covers the combat table faster than any other stat. Furthermore, due to the increasing returns of the critical block mechanic and diminishing returns on parry and dodge, there is a breakpoint (which we passed in Tier 11) such that a point of mastery also reduces more damage (over a long period of time) than a point of parry or dodge would.

    However, once we are passively unhittable, parry and dodge become superior under the measure of long-run damage taken. When mastery is only increasing our critical block, it seems better to reforge it back into parry and dodge.

    But this is only if we are trying to maximize damage reduction at all other costs. When we become passively unhittable, then parry, dodge, and mastery all yield a fraction of the returns they currently do. This is due to steep diminishing returns on parry and dodge, and the fact that mastery would only increase critical blocks. When we reach passive unhittability, the best strategy may be to start gemming and enchanting for increased stamina as our damage reduction is, roughly speaking, about as good as it can get.

    Keep Dodge and parry equal until you're unhittable.

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