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Thread: 4.3 Warlock DPS Spec. Which is best???

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    4.3 Warlock DPS Spec. Which is best???

    I'm leveling up a Warlock and I was wondering, which spec I should use, when I hit level 85.

    And also, what are the different specs good for? AoE or Single Target?

    Please respond, need help

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    Demonology is the best spec for single target dps, but affliction is competitive. Demo, will also bring the best AoE as hellfire is just OP.

    I don't play a warlock, Agg should be able to shed more light on this.
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    Demonology sims the highest on a single target fight with BiS gear, but the margin of difference is often exaggerated. This spec is best known for its high burst potential (single/multi) and its identity as 1 of 2 specs which bring the coveted 10% raid spellpower buff. Compared to Affliction and Destruction, its passive self-healing is quite weak. Demonology's full damage potential lies in casting at melee range to burn the target(s) with Shadowflame and Immolation Aura during Metamorphosis.

    Affliction has unparalleled self-healing to round out solid single target and multi-target DPS. Of the three warlock specs, it also has the strongest execute in Drain Soul. It is slow to ramp up, due to dots being its primary damage dealer.

    Destruction has the weakest AOE in Rain of Fire, but decent self healing through the Soul Leech talent. Destruction boasts the Nether Ward/Protection package and Shadowfury, a potent ranged stun. Finally, though its AOE is weak, Destruction may cleave a second target by utilizing Bane of Havoc.

    I suggest using whichever appeals to you the most.

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    As far as damage goes all 3 are pretty close and it kind of depends on what your role is in the raid. Multi target DPS (see: not AoE, but like doting everything up) affliction is by far the best. If you want faster burst/single target with lower ramp up (spine of deathwing depending on your role), destro is going to be your spec, and it's still pretty competitive with aff and demo.

    Demo is the best like single target ultraxion-style DPS, and the ability to use meta in sync with specific burn phases (like zon'ozz) is huge. And of course the "grouped up" AoE as demo is the best, especially if you can line it up with meta. immolation aura in and of itself is huge damage, let alone shadow flame, felstorm, and hellfire.

    A lot of locks are demo/aff and switch based on fight, typically reforging/gemming for demo. For demo you want hit cap, haste to 1999 rating, then go mastery. I know really good locks that are all 3 doing different specs. I've been demo mostly in my raids because heroics have been healer heavy so sometimes I have to provide the spellpower buff.

    Honestly, whichever spec you're better at, you'll do more DPS with at the moment. Until your gear levels are really high, the differences aren't big enough at the moment from what I can tell.

    Oh and there's 2 demo specs, both are viable.

    P.S. pet switching is annoying and demo is so much better with MWC until you can get DS trinkets.
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    Completely agree with Agg. The "best spec" can be decided simply by which fight each each spec has its pro's and con's. I personally have gone destro/aff since they both use the same reforging and I honestly don't like the playstyle of demo.

    One thing I would note is that I love destro on the ship and madness. The bane of havoc can be a real help with getting down adds on the ship as you can BoH a drake before it flies off and still do damage to it while killing the ship adds and vice versa.

    I would recommend you try all 3 specs at max level and see which you prefer to play. The numbers are so close that only the pickiest of elitist pugs won't take you because of you spec.

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    What's already posted is great info. You may want to look at what your current gear will favor more as well.

    At one point, Demo just wasn't the smart choice as maintaining the hit cap, the above mentioned soft haste cap and having any decent amount of Mastery was just not happening. Destro and Afflic, with my current gear at the time, was so obvious. For example, if I were to go Demo my gear, not raid buffed, would have looked like, 15.4% Haste, 16.4% Hit, 11.2 Mastery = Crap!, whereas Destro or Afflic was, 20.2% Haste, 17.1% Hit, 15% Crit = Obvious choice. This was also with taking way too much time and spending too much gold on reforging and reforging again trying to force my gear to support Demo. Even though Demo is the highest single target spec I would have been sub-par at it anyway.
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    For DS I would definetly recommend Destro if you are going to stick with just 1 spec. Demonology does provide the top dps (single target) in perfect situations but it is very unforgiving. Demonology also is the best AoE also but for the DS mechanics it makes it difficult to utilize the spec to its optimization anyways. Affliction is very nice for fights like heroic zonozz, blackhorn, and Deathwing. but thats really the only time it shines because it is also very unforgiving with the lowest single target dps spec. Destro however, is probly best suited for DS as heroic morchok MOST guilds will tank the bosses far enough away from each other to not be able to constant double dot, just cause its easier. Zonozz is nice so you can just bane of havoc him during black phase and have better burst on the eyes and flails along with the amazing ability nether ward, your healers will love you. Yor sahj you can have bane of havoc up for most of the fight whether on the mana void or boss during adds with still decent aoe. Hagara Destro brings in the most beneficial spec with its only reliable burst for the feedback debuff, plus netherward again for the frost phase. Ultraxion destro still is up there, not as good as demo but is still very competitive. with blackhorn if you bane of havoc goriona in the beginning and triple dot the drakes as the fly over you will do just as much dps as affliction realistically because of how unforgiving affl is without 3 stacks of shadow embrace on a target. for heroic spine destro is the most reliable now due to the 19% nerf on it. Madness they are all pretty competitive. I know its alot to read but i hope this helps.

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