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Thread: Need Prot Warrior Caps

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    Need Prot Warrior Caps

    ive looked all over the web and cant find any soft caps or caps at all for Prot warrior's Dodge, Parry and Block %. I've seen people ask the question but never answerd. My warrior is pushing 26.24 Mastery=rating of 3270 that puts my Block at 59.36%. my concern is am i stacking to much mastery. Am i getting deminishing returns? If i am i can add more parry and dodge and even add to Exp/Hit for threat but there are no sites that give a true answer to this Question. is Block value like a druid haste cap? i stop 31% of incoming damage can i get to 32% or is the mastery so high im just waisting a % on mastery i should be putting into parry and dodge. my dodge is 16.06%=rating of 2247 and parry is 17.48%=rating of 2604. I still stress the healers when i take big hits. Is it me or them? can anyone give me some nubers i should be shooting for? http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...Deodore/simple This is my WoW armory. Please any posative feed back would be great and i know my spelling is horrific so spare me any LoLs on my post. . .

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    You are looking to get your dodge chance + your parry chance + your block chance + 5 = 102.4%. To do this you will need another ~5% block (about 600 mastery rating) while keeping your avoidances about what they are now. Then go for stamina.

    Mastery rating does not have a diminishing return.

    You cannot increase your block value beyond a base of 31% (with the meta gem)

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    Here is a simple addon that'll help you visualise that: http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/visual-combat-table

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    This is what I'm doing http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...rugly/advanced. A bit more then 101% CTC unbuffed, raidbuffs and food will put me on 102,4%+. Switching in more and more stamina gems as gear improves.

    As nightelf you got 7% miss chance so keep that in mind when aiming for 102,4.

    Looking at your armory you're about 4% off unhittable when using a flask a bit less with elixers. Mastery gem in hands and in prismatic socket in the belt, reforge hands hit>dodge, enchant rings with stamina, get the vp mastery trinket, hit>mastery reforge on ranged weapon, unreforge chest, expertise>mastery reforge on cloak. Maybe a parry>dodge reforge on the headpiece but that depends what you want to do with your parry:dodge ratio, it looks alright atm.

    In short get 102,4% CTC to avoid any unblocked hits, your healers should be able to handle the damage then and use your cds wisely.

    Hope it helps

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