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Thread: Prot Paladin Mastery Cap - It's all dutch to me... Help :(

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    Prot Paladin Mastery Cap - It's all dutch to me... Help :(

    Good Morning all.

    RE: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte.../Daylar/simple

    Recently got a few upgrades through the LFR Tool, and now when I try to use Mr. Robot to get my reforges correct, it's telling me to almost do a 360 on my gems and start going back to Stamina as if we were back in LK era.

    Now the only thing I can find about this whole "CTC" stuff and the supposid cap is 102.4% after buffs. This is where it starts to get confusing because with what I have currently my stats are showing in game as follows:

    Completely Unbuffed:
    Dodge: 14.88%
    Parry: 17.33%
    Block: 54.27%
    Total: 86.48%

    Now with Kings, +90 Dodge Food, and Elixir of Mastery [This is what I had on at time of post, was in a dungeon not raid, hate using flasks in dungeons]
    Dodge: 15.26%
    Parry: 17.52%
    Block: 57.09%
    Total: 89.87%

    How or why would I want to gem Stamina already if I'm still more than 10% away from cap even slightly buffed?

    And can somebody explain the cap in plain english without using all the crazy math calculations? I just feel like I'm missing something here...

    Thank you

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    You're missing the 5% miss in your calculations, aim for a bit more mastery 62-65% block should get the you capped depending on how much avoidance you have.

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    It's rather simple, the boss rolls a 100 sided dice every time he's hitting you. If you've got enough dodge + parry + miss + block he can't hit you for regular damage any longer. That's your goal, if you block everything that's basically like a permanent divine protection (well at least against melee attacks).

    You just add up your raidbuffed values and don't forget your 5% hidden miss chance, it's not on the char screen but it's there.

    Gearing: if you grab new 5 man shield, helmet, chest & cloak you should be set. After that i'd buy boe wrists and boots to round it up.
    Gemming: don't worry about gems if you can just use a mastery trinket instead of a stamina one to reach your goal. Imagine: 500 stamina give you a x hitpoints buffer but if the boss melees you for regular damage (instead of blocked) during a phase of high (magical+physical) burst those hitpoints might not save you, but a blocked attack could. This might not happen on a regular basis but tanking mentality = gearing for the worst case

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    Have you read my guide yet? It explains the whole CTC, DR and mastery caboodle and can be found in my signature

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    The real answer you're looking for here is that rawr is probably wrong. As I understand it, gemming stam is a function of how hard a boss hits right now, and usually the only after you are full CTC. Gemming stam doesn't give you near as big of increases of EHP these days wrt how hard bosses hit and how many hit points you have base.

    If a boss is hitting you for 80k blocked, and you can gem enough stam to survive 3 blocked hits (again assuming this is after full CTC), then it is worth it to get enough hit points to get over 240k hit points because this means you can survive 3 hits in a row instead of 2. However the next marker would be 320k hit points, (4 hits) which is near impossible to get, so after CTC it is better to go avoidance to try and save healer's mana. The real savings, btw, aren't really them healing you, it's them being able to heal other targets that aren't you if you don't get it, and in a more efficient manner.

    Again, really what all this boils down to is get full CTC. I'm not the most up-to-date on tanking right now, so if someone wants to correct me then go for it.

    The reason rawr might be wrong is also 2 fold: 1) it might not have been updated, 2) there's different "Settings" you can tune it to like I think there's like a burst time, then like a damage over time one or something like that. You might try changing it to a more damage over time based model and it may switch your gemming around for you.
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    Thank you all for your replies, greatly appreciate it. I was wondering about that 5% Miss, thanks for clearing that part up

    And thank you also Fetzie for the link, I somehow missed that (go figure eh?) but I will definitly check out your guide. I've been reading far too many lately it seems lol. Probably why all the figures get confusing after a while.

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