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Thread: MM hunter DPS output issue

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    MM hunter DPS output issue

    I am not happy with the dps output of my toon http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...ne/Ekim/simple, only does around 18k dps. What issues do you see I use hunter mark, serpent sting, steady shot, chimera shot when up, and arcane shot to blow excess focus, actually seem to use this alot, and aimed shot on proc. please help, I know I need to enchant my bracers and chest. going to do the peerless stat to chest, and mastery to bracers.

    any issues you see with enchants or gems?
    any reforge issues, or stat in balances i should see, but i do not?

    I need your advice and thank you for your help.

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    Change the 40 haste gems to 20agi/20crit, 50 agi chant to bracers. During rapid fire and the haste trinket proc you should dump focus with aimed shot else arcane. Not completely sure about haste plateaus but you want to have a tight 10 sec rotation so you don't clip chimera shot too much, somewhere around 2800 haste you want to start dumping focus with aimed.

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