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Thread: Warrior Tank Selfheal + Time-after-CTC-Cap

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    Warrior Tank Selfheal + Time-after-CTC-Cap


    I'm raiding 10 man's with more or less casual players, so my goal is to help out in the raid wherever I can while doing my job as a tank. Currently it seems that our DPS is kinda fine, but we do have issues with keeping people alive. In short, I want to support the healers a little bit.

    To this end, I decided to try out a very defensive build, sacrificing threat and damage for self heal.

    --> Here's my armory link (nevermind the spellreflect glyph, that's still from my 5-man configuration^^) <--

    I've taken up BloodCraze and ImpendingVictory, as well as FieldDressing and the VictoryRush-Glyph.
    In most DragonSoul encounters the incoming damage becomes greater the longer the fight lasts, so I think it does help out that I can Victory Rush (and Safeguard-Intervene). The selfheal seems not too great, but it's definitely noticeable and available when I need it most (at the last phase of the fight).

    Now my question is, is this viable? I've read multiple guides and threads, and most of them suggest that Impending Victory and Blood Craze are definite wastes of skill points. I understand that if I do more dps/threat, the fight will become shorter and this will help the healers as well. But is it that much of difference? Some comments (like on Wowhead) suggest that ImpendingVictory is viable. I'm not sure whom to believe, so I'll just do what you guys say^^

    Should I stick with the self healing? Or pick up some threat talents? War Academy only buffs Devastate and seems lackluster, but Incite might be worth it, considering that I spam LOTS of Heroic Strikes.
    I know I could just copy a talent configuration from any warriortank guide, but I'd like to hear what your opinion is regarding a self-healing warrior.

    Aside from that, I'm slowly approaching passive CTC-cap, so I wonder if I should go for parry/dodge or proceed to gem/Reforge/enchant mastery? Or Effective Health?

    Thanks in advance!

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    yes its "viable" but then "viable" is a great deal away from "optimal"

    Field Dressing is mandatory.

    The rest of the healing talents are sub optimal unless all your healers are the ones who have died. If you think War Academy is lacklustre then you are sadly mistaken, ~20% of your damage should be from Devastate so WA is about a 3% damage increase. Incite is very nice since ~30% of your damage will be from HS Blood craze is about 600hps on a single target fight, but due to random proccyness of it cannot be relied on to save your ass, or to ease healer mana. Imp.Victory is much the same, since its both a proc ( so can't be relied on) and only useful in the last 20% of the fight, and tpoget effective us out of the heal you have to sit on the proc, which will almost certainly lead to wasting procs.

    Ideally you gear priority is 102.4% CTC, then maximising EH.

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    Exactly what I needed to know, thanks so much! :-)

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    By missing incite, war academy and deep wounds you loose about 10% of your dps. Specially in 10mans the tanks account for a bigger part of the dps then in 25mans. About 12-17% of your raids dps comes from the tanks in a 10man. Blood craze and impending victory don't seem to be worth it. I'm running a 8/2/31 spec and considering going to a 8/0/33 spec with safeguard for morchok.

    As Tegenstein said CTC first then more EH, valorpoint trinket would be nice upgrade looking at your armory.

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    Yeah, you raise some valid points. This Tier of content does seem to focus on heal-intensive fight endings, making imp.vic seem tempting. It could actually be viable but I doubt it would make much of a difference. Healers that know their class, and good use of Raid CD's will come out on top.
    Blood craze has been and will continue to be the absolute worst warrior talent available.
    So, my opinion, the good old 8/2/31 to push you through.
    WA is definitely a must have, Devastate is what you spam (along with but unrelated to HS) so you can get SS procs, so not only does it become a large part of your DPS but it contributes to more DPS (if that makes sense).

    So yeah, Mastery to CTC, dodge and parry will edge themselves up with gear, so go EH after CTC.

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