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Thread: What spec is best for preist healing.

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    What spec is best for preist healing.

    Ok guys just a quick one from me this time. Iv leveled my shadow preist to 85 and now I want to start healing with him what is the best spec Holy or Discipline? Im not new to healing as I have both a holy Paladin and resto duird any advice would be great.


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    There's not really a "best" spec. It depends on what you're doing. For example, on an encounter like Baleroc in 4.2, Disc was far superior. On anything with massive raid damage, especially if you're healing 25man, holy is nigh unbeatable as a healing spec.

    Generally, disc uses fewer different healing spells whereas a good holy priest makes use of their entire (very large) toolbox.

    The thing is, those two specs represent *very* different healing styles, different philosophies so to speak. So what I would advise you is to read up on both of them (and/or try out both) and find out which suits you better

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