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Thread: DK Tanking Heroic Morchok issue...

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    DK Tanking Heroic Morchok issue...

    I am having issues where I am being one shot by the stomp. Can a DK tank who has won this encounter help me as to what I may be doing wrong with my cooldowns? When I see the stomp coming I am popping Vamp blood with bone shield. Sometimes I make it through the stomp, sometimes I get 1 shot. I am trying to avoid using IBF since its on 3 min cooldown and wont be up for the next stomp. Please, this is becoming an issue where the guild may kick me since I am holding back progression. Thanks.

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    All the damage is physical and effected by armor are you using the armor runechant? Done it on my warrior so don't have any dk tips but the stomps hit me for ~120k damage and 100k normal melee blocked hits after that. Seems strange to get oneshot by it since warriors/dks should have the same amount of armor after 4.3 Maybe not everyone on your side is in range for the stomp? Stomp is affected by demoshout so maybe keep an eye on your dk equivelent of that?

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    Uh get more people in melee range? Its split amongst all people nearby?

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    First off.........

    Phase 1 - Abilities

    Although Morchok is technically a two-phase encounter, you'll be spending the majority of the time in phase one. His first ability is called Stomp. This is a large AOE that deals about two and a half million damage, split between everyone within 25 yards of the boss. Note that the two players who are closest to him will take twice as much damage as everyone else.
    This is based off the 25 man version. So.... done right, this means roughly 100k to EVERYONE, assuming they're all smart enough to stay in 25 yard range and not intentionally try to sabotage your efforts to survive as a tank.

    You... as a tank, will still be eating 200k, minus whatever armor you have and damage mitigation.
    Armor, will reduce about 50% of that. Approximately. Add in blade barrier for another 6%.
    Yes, you can use bone shield. And IBF. And Vamp Blood. But you're missing what might be the MOST important tool.

    Deathstrike + Mastery.
    That in mind.... follow the checklist below.....

    1) How much mastery do you have? Is it significant? If you have a less than 100% blood shield, meaning worth 100% of whatever heals you received from deathstrike, you're not doing yourself any favors.

    2) Are you using it correctly? Heals and blood shield are based off the previous 5 sec of damage. Are you only using it for recovery? Or are you using it "right" and using it to build a blood shield to reduce incoming damage? You SHOULD pop at least ONE deathstrike prior to stomp, to ensure you have a shield up. Minimum value of this will be 7% of your health with a 100% mastery. That's at least 14k pulled off the incoming damage for a 200k DK.

    3) More importantly, is your RAID doing the right thing? Are the ranged within 25 yards or are they all scattered and running away trying to avoid it? Because if they are not in range of it.... that 2.5 mil gets split by a smaller number. 2.5 mil split by 25 people... not horrible. 2.5 mil split between 20? You're going to see a 250k hit before damage reduction. Now... for 10 man... if it's 1 mil split... if you have 3 people snoozing, you're in some serious crap.

    4) Trinkets. Which are you employing? IDEAL combo would be a Stam/Mastery trinket.

    5) Last bit, and this is not an all-inclusive list, is.... how are you playing your toon? Are you mindlessly thumping away on the boss? Or are you focused on survival? If you're having these kinds of survival issues, you need to change your approach from "I am tank/dps" to "I need to do everything I can to survive". What does this mean?

    - Rune conservation. Save runes for deathstrike and vamp blood/rune tap. Use Rune Strike and Death Strike as primary threat gen.
    - Debuffs. Keep them up on the boss.
    - Awareness. You have to shift your mindset some from a "pew pew" mode to a measured, resource management (including life) approach.

    My bet is that you need to change your approach to this boss.
    That and use fraps or something or keep an eye open for the raid member who is not sharing in the stomp. That more than anything will screw you up faster than anything else as the damage is divided between the group, then multiplied on the tank.

    Also see this forum post/thread:

    No one tanks in a void.........

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    Im guessing you just dont have enough people soaking the stomp, or you where in range for one of the twins stomp and then the other, hence had the extra damage debuff. If you arent playing dk properly you may eventually die, but to get one shot its one of the two: either you are eating the stomp alone, or your taking the stomp from both bosses.
    1- Make sure your not within 25yards from the boss your not tanking.
    2- Make sure you have everyone on "your side" (not sure what strat your team is using) IS within 25 yrds of the boss you are tanking. Likely they are moving to a shard and you arent dragging him near them.

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